update first weeks of october

So, there was a lot going on in the last two weeks.

In the beginning we worked a weekend together, to get more performance from the AI and guess what: We did a good job :). a nice performance boost. With that we can push the AI a little bit more. The Basics are almost complete. Next step on the AI would be some individual choices from every AI.

On the client side we integrated a Map Editor. So, you have the possibility to create your own maps and play them. It would be nice to have also the steam workshop integrated so you can share them easily. I mean you can already share them if you copy and send them. But that wouldn’t be user-friendly.

We also got our steam account ready. So, we tried the greenworks lib to get the connection to steam. We had some trouble in the beginning, but after that in the end it worked great. There is a lot to do with this lib and we probably do this just before the Alpha.

Another great news was the integration to support a gamepad like the Xbox controller. We found a good library called ZIM. So, we will definitely support gamepads. But this is really a feature we will do at the end. We will see.

But please enjoy this beautiful nice port from our lovely artist. Wouldn’t it be nice to live there?


2 responses to “update first weeks of october”

  1. Mika Avatar

    Ist das nicht Holiday Island von Sunflowers?

    1. Matthias Ma Avatar

      Nein auf deine Frage. Aber ja wir sind mit Holiday Islands aufgewachsen und haben uns davon inspirieren lassen. Kein Pc-Spiel erfindet das Rad neu. Summer Islands wird ähnliche Konzepte haben und auch komplett neue. Wir halten uns an das Urheberrecht. Jeder der mit Holiday Islands aufgewachsen ist wird aufjedenfall seinen Spaß mit Summer Islands haben 😉