February Update 2024 [v0.9.3] with building plan stores and more

Hello everyone,

ATTENTION: v0.9.3 is not yet Steamdeck compatible. Steam has forwarded the problem to the Proton team. Until then, another version can be selected via Properties>Betas.

Here are the new features:

The biggest change to the game in this update is the unlocking of building plans.So we thought we’d make some real money with Summer Islands and integrate an in-game store with microtransactions, cryptocurrency and awesome NFTs!!!


But the main component in Summer Islands is money, so it’s not a bad idea to be able to unlock the buildings with money.This means that the new buildings are no longer unlocked randomly during the course of the game, but can be bought one after the other.A few buildings are already unlocked at the beginning. The others are sorted per category according to purchase price.A store has therefore been integrated in which you can buy building plans and then build the buildings.

This changes the gameplay somewhat. However, this gives each player the opportunity to implement their own most efficient construction plan.

In addition, minor details have been added and bugs corrected.Preparations have also been made for the currently planned next update (engine upgrade).

P.S. If you ❤️ Summer Islands, we would be very 🤩 about a 👍 Review.

Have fun



  • ADDED: Research building implemented
  • ADDED: Map marker is integrated in the savegame


  • FIX: Road direction of the bots was displayed incorrectly
  • FIX: Chart tourist all data has displayed only last months
  • FIX: Pause mode also pauses the tooltip in the finance menu
  • FIX: Environmental & social costs were not deducted correctly
  • FIX: Fixed costs were calculated too high
  • FIX: Plants have grown over pollution
  • CHANGED: Research tree menu and correlation menu merged
  • CHANGED: Random building activation switched off
  • CHANGED: Plant growth greatly slowed down
  • CHANGED: Upgrade PIXIJS v7.2.0 to v7.4.0