December Update 2023 [v0.9.2] with plant growth and more

Hello everyone,

Here are the new features:

In the next updates, the flora will be integrated a little more into the game. For example, ships should no longer be able to reach the harbor if there are large mangroves in the way. Or surfers can’t find water if everything is full of trees.

A few more effects/infos have been added about the changes to the key figures at the top of the screen. I.e. if you build something, you will see a red number drop down or if you have received more reputation at the end of the month or a new star.

In addition, the multiplayer menus have been slightly adapted to the standard.

P.S. If you ❤️ Summer Islands, we would be very 🤩 about a 👍 Review.

Have fun


  • ADDED: Growing plants
  • ADDED: Star animation when changing the victory stars
  • ADDED: Numbers at the top center receive an animation when they change


  • FIX: Building menu selection of buildings
  • CHANGED: Reduced costs for terraforming on land
  • CHANGED: Option menu audio settings revised
  • CHANGED: Multiplayer connection menu revised