November Update 2023 [v0.9.1] with more sabotage

Hello everyone,

Here are the new features:


In this update, we look at the new sabotage functions. There are now a total of 6 sabotages with very different effects.

It starts with cockroaches. A little something to reduce the condition of a building. With Defame, you can slightly worsen the reputation of your opponent. The respective building also takes some damage.You can use the construction time on your opponent’s construction sites and on your own. It extends the construction time or shortens it for you. The stink bomb makes an area uninhabitable for approx. 200 days. This means that all buildings in an area with a radius of approx. 8 fields will perform very poorly. Even your own.The Shit Storm makes all of a player’s buildings look bad. For a period of about 200 days, his reputation will slowly and steadily decline. As you know, reputation is an integral part of why your tourists come to you. Finally, you can also have one of your opponent’s buildings demolished. As if by magic, it will then disappear from the surface. Nobody knows who triggered the fire alarm.

The chances of success of a sabotage are always different. They depend on the saboteur you have hired and the opposing security force. Unfortunately, every successful sabotage always reflects on you, which reduces your reputation.

The following should be mentioned in small print:

It is important to emphasize that intentionally destroying reputation in Summer Islands and acts of sabotage are generally not recommended. Such actions can negatively impact the game experience for others and compromise the integrity of the game. As game developers, we encourage fair play and respectful behavior.

MouseOver Buildings

For a better understanding of the game, we have added some more information to the MouseOver Buildings.At the top right or directly as text, you can now see whether there is a problem with the building or which things are currently affecting the building

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  • ADDED: Sabotage Defame
  • ADDED: Sabotage Stink bomb
  • ADDED: Sabotage Shit Storm
  • ADDED: Icon and Text in the MouseOver menu if a building is not connected to the road network
  • ADDED: Icon in the MouseOver menu when a building is affected by a stink bomb or shitstorm


  • FIX: Disappearing building: Islands Car
  • FIX: Mouse click on buildings next to special buildings
  • CHANGED: Gamepad Init delayed while loading
  • CHANGED: Finetuning Sabotage Effects