Blog post: 2023 summary and outlook for 2024

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing Christmas and that you, your family and your friends are doing well under the circumstances.

As the year draws to a close, I wanted to take a look back and forward with this post.Before that, I wanted to motivate you to leave some feedback. Everyone can create a Steam review, write their wishes in the forum or write me directly about their wishes or problems Support@SummerIslands.deThe more feedback, the better. That’s what Early Access depends on and I’m happy to implement your wishes and improvements. I have to admit that I always look at the percentage of positive/negative user feedback. My goal is always to stay above 75% positive 😀

The following update was made for 2023:

  • 03.2023 [v0.8.5] with Gamepad Support
  • 04.2023 [v0.8.6] with reputation through quality & environment
  • 05.2023 [v0.8.7] with volcano, pollution and more
  • 07.2023 [v0.8.8] with Awards, Currencies and more
  • 08.2023 [v0.8.9] with nature, more nature and fixes
  • 09.2023 [v0.9.0] with special buildings and more
  • 11.2023 [v0.9.1] with more sabotage
  • 12.2023 [v0.9.2] with plant growth and more (coming next Weekend)

I have to say that the gamepad support was quite lengthy and you have to try out a number of options to find the best playing experience. Last but not least, Summer Islands was also verified for the Steam deck. The map editor is still missing, but that will come.With the other updates over the year, the gameplay was changed in many corners with small steps. Especially the reputation, the special buildings or the additional natural disasters have a strong impact on the gameplay. Between you and me, I was most looking forward to the special buildings. In the end, however, the WOU effect was a little less than I expected.To summarize, it can be said that all areas have once again been improved and worked on.

Unfortunately, the next year 2024 will not be such an adventure. We are planning to come out of early access in the next updates => Release v1.0.0 in Q2 2024This should hopefully not be a major surprise for you. We once published a timeline for this on 01.04.2023. Here is another update:

With the latest updates I’m trying to “round off” everything a bit more, i.e. fine-tuning the parameters, fixing bugs, adding more tooltips, adjusting textures, etc. There is also a major engine update pending, which should make Summer Islands run much more smoothly. So there is still a lot to do. In particular, the idea of a research tree has stuck in order to unlock buildings earlier. This feature will be available as a separate update.But a lot is probably under the hood.

I’m also trying to focus a little more on marketing in order to have a good start for the release of Summer Islands. 😉

Last but not least, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your support for Summer Islands.You are the heroes and a happy new year 2024 to each of you.

P.S. If you ❤️ Summer Islands, we would be very 🤩 about a 👍 Review.

Have fun

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