XMAS Update [v0.2.0]

Hello together,

yes, for the christmas holidays we wanted to release an update for your pleasure.

Here’s our new trailer at the beginning:

We thought we would bring a really good improvement of the game atmosphere and release the music! WWUUUUHHHUUU (Finally, it was time).

For the music we worked together with Fabian @ FarBeyond Studio.
You can find his social media accounts here:
Website: www.farbeyondstudio.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJYhp8FkgxdttAb2lPjBHKA
Twitter https://twitter.com/FarBeyond_Music
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/309880915804605

We can look forward to more songs in the future. We will be able to integrate them again and again. Half of the songs have been made by myself, by the guy who always writes to you here.
We think the songs are really great. Not every song you like 100% but it’s a great compilation. Currently the songs always have a break of 2-3 minutes in between. With the 10 songs we get about one hour running time. That’s a good start. We hope you like the songs too.

Furthermore we have added some new textures for the buttons. So that clickable fields are also well visible. We are currently only at the beginning to revise them all and consider how we can find a suitable programmed way without creating new textures. Also, it makes the game fell more alive.

With the BOTS we have also improved a lot. The BOTS now fill their space much better and try to use every building. Of course it is still a long way to go to create the perfect opponents. But with a little patience and more work on our side we are confident.
At Terraforming, we’ve gone up a bit with the cost. Before that we were much too cheap. It could be that now the balance is a bit confused.

We also fixed the support for Linux. For this bug we want to apologize to the Linux community.
We try to fix smaller bugs over the holidays and restore the finetuning.
I hope you have a lot of fun with the new update and the MUUUUUSSSSSSIIIIIIIICCCCC.