Workshop Update [v.0.4.1] with Steam Workshop and more

Hello everyone,

it’s time: We would like to present you the workshop for Summer Islands.You can create and edit any kind of map in the Map Editor, add many complex events, show official missions to the player and upload them to the Steamworkshop. So you can create your most creative maps and share them with your friends.

As mentioned before, the Map Editor allows you to display any event as an Official Mission to the players. The event name is shown as mission with percentage and by clicking on the magnifying glass you can see the conditions of the event with details.

Additionally you can now play the maps from the MapEditor with as many BOTS as you like.

In the MapEditor we have added another condition. The time condition. This allows you to start events from a certain time.


  • MapEditor Maps with BOTS
  • Events as Official Player Missions
  • MapEditor: time condition
  • STEAM WORKSHOP: upload
  • MapEditor Maps

Bug fix:

  • Bugs: Keys 1-9
  • Terraforming in MapEditor disabled dark water
  • Parachutist animation was to fast
  • Disabled the rent edit for the Supply building
  • News Counter doesnt disappers after loading
  • Chart laggy after loading

We wish you a lot of fun with the new update.