Update September 2022 [v0.8.3] with Speedmode, ways and more

Hello everyone,

attached the new features:

I think the biggest innovation for you will be the speed mode. So double speed to shorten the one or other waiting time. I admit, I had a hard time deciding whether to integrate this feature. But artificially extending the game time should be a thing of the past. The focus should be on the fun of the game.

The other major feature that you will always notice are the new ways for bikes. The new ways have the same features as roads. With two limitations: There are no bridges and only bikes can ride on them. Otherwise, paths connect the buildings in the same way, um…, I mean tourists get to all the buildings in the same way via the paths.

Then there is also the possibility to edit dark water in the editor. I.e. you can completely try out terraforming in the editor and create your desired map. Basically the editor is the sandbox mode. You don’t earn any money in the editor. But you have complete freedom with the buildings.

Furthermore, there are many changes “under the hood” for a performance improvement, especially in map movements, for example, the moving objects stop and are not calculated. You won’t even notice it and it saves resources. Also, all menus are closed until the ESC menu is opened.I have also lowered the requirements of the missions.

Have fun with the new update.



  • Added Faster Seeded random number generator
  • Added double Speed Mode
  • Added a different Way only for bicycles
  • Added terraforming for dark water in editor


  • ReAdded Movement of Cars/Bicycles/Moped
  • Use of ParticleContainer for resource enhancement
  • Show Buildings during movement
  • Stop moveables (planes, bicycles,…) during movement
  • ESC key first closes all menus before opening the save menu
  • Conditions of the missions were reduced
  • FIX Player list disappears after 5 players in the lobby