Update March 2020 [v0.3.0] with Supply buildings, new maptypes & more

Like every time we have extended the savegame management. So that even older savegames can be continued. Nevertheless the probability of an error is higher there! Of course we have made the old version available under the betas again. So you can continue to play an old savegame with the older Summer Islands version if you want to.


  • Autosavegame every 10 minutes
  • Shortcuts added Keys ^,1,2,…,9,0
  • New car colors / bicycle colors
  • Difficulty level
  • Supply buildings with effects
  • New map types: Lonely Mountains & Summer Islands
  • Info display as speech bubble
  • New news are displayed
  • Ticker for new news
  • BOTS: Multibase structure extended


  • MouseOver JavaScript FPS improvements
  • Creation of moving buildings
  • Jet Ski Rental mouseOver/Strip

We wish you a lot of fun with the update.