Update last weeks in november

Hello together,

we mentioned it already in the last post. we created a new design and after that a new Logo:

We hope you like it.

Now to another subject. On every beach for tourists you find them and in Summer Islands we didn’t forget them.
Tourist on the beach.

On the picture you see some of them. They will appear around a house or hotel if they like it.
So in Summer Islands you have to find the best place for the buildings and also the building around the building. Every building has his requirements.

After the tourists we worked on some weather disasters. This is pretty important, because the weather disasters and the AI are your enemies. You have to work with them.

On the last weekend we red about the indiedb gaming award 2017. Here is a link to our Summer Islands page. Please feel free to vote there.

Like we mentioned it in the last post, we work in our free time on Summer Islands. So next to the masterthesis or work. That means we try our best for new features, but maybe a little bit slower you want it. Be patient and thanks for your support for Summer Islands.