Update June 2022 [v0.8.1] with engine migration and bug fixes

Hello everyone,

finally the time has come. It took a lot of work to switch from CreateJS to PIXIJS. So the change of the frontend engine. Because there were a lot of similarities in the methods I could save time. But some functions are just different and had to be tested extensively. Or some workarounds had to be integrated. Also I extended the engine with a few methods to simplify the transition.

I think the result is well playable. For example the system mouse is used now. So if the computer is busy with other things, the mouse is still fluid. This gives the gameplay a much more positive side. In summary, you can say that the FPS are much more stable and run with a higher number. The engine is being developed further and there are still a few advanced features that I could not integrate yet. I am positive to improve this in the future.I hope the result will excuse the long waiting time. I tried to post my progress daily to give you an estimation. Every file and every line had to be looked at.

Summer Islands Loading GIF

Unfortunately I am a bit surprised myself how long this took. My goal was originally to extend the editor. I had to postpone this to the next update.But I was able to fix some bugs from you. Thanks a lot for your mails and entries.Of course I have also on request the “Send money to other players” again integrated! Great function in multiplayer. But also funny to interact with the bots.

I will now look into more features again in the future. We have also received more requests for new buildings and I can already say: someone sits right next to me and diligently creates new buildings 😀

There was also the wish to reduce the disasters. I have reduced the number to 50% for now. I would expand the whole thing in the future a little bit. The plan would be to have only disasters in randomly selected years. This means that you have e.g. 5 years no disasters and then comes a year with disasters. In addition a consultant could be created who could tell you the years and in which map area (north/south/west/east) these occur. Just as an idea.

As you have already noticed it is summer!!! (at least in the northern hemisphere) What I want to say is that Summer Islands is already available on Steam since 21/06/2019. I’m very happy to have been developing this game and working with you guys for 3 years now. You guys have really brought some great ideas to the game. It was never my plan to work on the game for so long. But I am very happy to have done it. I think the development is getting closer and closer to the end. Unfortunately some of the last updates were not very effective with the performance, so new features suffered a bit. I’m trying to get the focus back here in the future and some things that are already integrated still need some fine tuning. But the whole thing already feels relatively good.

Have fun with the new update.



  • Complete migration to PIXI JSRe
  • Added: send Money to other Player


  • Number of disasters halved per 10 years
  • Performance improvements
  • FIX save/loading issue
  • FIX catastrophes on/off
  • FIX building disappear short after builded
  • FIX smaller Bugs