Update July 2023 [v0.8.8] with Awards, Currencies and more

Hello everyone

The biggest changes in this update are in the stars menu: The awards and the reworking of the side quests.

The awards start every 2 years. There must be at least 2 players in the match (yourself and a bot or teammate as opponent). The award runs over 1 year. At the end of the year the winner is selected. The first 3 players get a reward, an improvement of your reputation.

As already mentioned, I have reworked the side quests. i.e. just below the main quests you will find the side quests. Here you can earn some extra money. When you select a side quest, the details are displayed and a small window opens in the upper right corner of the screen for constant tracking.If there are new side quests, there is a small red number in front of the star symbol on the far left. You can see how many new tasks there are since the last time you opened the star menu.

An easier representation was inserted as Tooltip over the star Icon at the upper edge. This is your main task, so it should always be visible quickly.

The next feature has been around for a while. But only half integrated. But now you can find the footprint icons at every building that can have 3 fields distance to the street. These buildings are also reached by tourists on foot.

A special wish was to integrate different currencies that have changed to the Euro. (https://steamcommunity.com/app/731650/discussions/0/3820780544818931058/)

The following currencies can be selected under options:

  • Deutsche Mark (Germany),
  • Gulden (Netherlands),
  • Finnmark (Finland),
  • Franc (France),
  • Drachmas (Greece),
  • Escudos (Portugal),
  • Pesetas (Spain)

Unfortunately, the Lire (Italy) was dropped out, because its exchange rate of Euro to Liere (1936.27) was too high.As soon as 2002 is reached, the currency automatically changes to Euro.

I have added another item under in the help menu about the preference of the tourists. I think this describes something how the popularity of the buildings comes about and gives tips how to optimize it.

SO and the last point may not put a smile on everyone’s face.Since the textures in Summer Islands were created for a resolution of 1920×1080, a higher resolution (2k, 4k,..) will unfortunately not bring a sharper image.I have therefore ordered the options to the resolutions with the aspect ratios and left only the 1to1 (for the created textures) inside.

For higher resolutions you should choose the appropriate smaller resolution and adjust the zoom level.E.g. for Ultrawide Screen with 3440×1440 (21:9) take 2560×1080 and adjust the zoom level.I can imagine that not everyone likes this. I’m also really sorry about that. I apologize for this. Summer Islands remains a 2D pixel game. Creating textures in different resolutions is not proportional. It requires different file types and a different game engine. So a completely new game. Possibly something for the future 😉

I hope you could still enjoy Summer Islands

Have fun