Update from the second week in february 2018

Hello together,

for everyone who missed our steampage release last week: store.steampowered.com/app/731650/Summer_Islands
It was only the steampage! But we got some nice feedback and a lot more attention than we thought.

Here you can see our Steampage visitors counter form the last 7 days:

Here you can see the countries from the visitors:

and in this chart you see the visitors from this page:


It’s very interesting to see these charts. We probably should do more for the languages implementation 🙂

Back to the Game:

Since we have the steampage we will provide the same blog updates on the steampage like here. Additionally  we reset the versionnumber to 0.0.0 for you to get a better overview about the history in the next months.

In the last week we worked on new Buildings like a Disco, climbing park and a new airport. Also we worked a lot on the movement of the planes, bikes and ships. We try to build the movement  as realistic as possible. We created new trees for the hills and the lying tourist. In the future the tourist will destroy smaller trees so that they can lay on the field.

In the end i wanna suggest you to add Summer Islands on your whislist on steam or to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned 🙂