October 2023 update [v0.9.0] with special buildings and more

Hello everyone,

Here are the new features:

Special buildings

There are special buildings scattered across the map. These buildings attract more tourists. This means that every building within a certain radius of these buildings receives a boost. Every tourist wants to be near such buildings.

Area demolition

The demolition function has been expanded. An area can now be demolished. This can be filtered to demolish only buildings or only streets. It is also easier to clean up natural disasters such as pollution.

Filters and multi-selection in the building manager

In the building manager, you can use a filter on the right-hand side to display only those buildings that meet the individual filters.You can also select several buildings and edit them uniformly.

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Have fun



  • ADDED: Special buildings with boost for surrounding buildings
  • ADDED: Demolition function extended for area selection
  • ADDED: Demolition function extended with filter for only street or building
  • ADDED: Building manager extended with filter
  • ADDED: Building manager with multiple selection


  • FIX: road costs were displayed 10.000 and deducted 20.000
  • FIX: Cameraposition on minimap
  • CHANGED: Resolution adjustment if screen has other Resolution
  • CHANGED: Finetuning the popularity funtion
  • CHANGED: Camera movement slows down the closer you zoom in