Update from september [v0.0.11]

Hello together,

it was again a longer break since our last update. We’ve been working on new content for Summer Islands for a couple of weeks now, but only now are we going to publish it.

On our Steamforum there are a lot of questions about the release date in relation to 2018. Before I come to the new content I wanted to go into it again.
We know that the year is almost over and Summer Islands is still not in early access. We have to thank you for your patience. We still have a lot of features for Summer Islands which we haven’t mentioned yet and which we still want to implement. There isn’t anything worse than a half-finished game and unfortunately this is becoming more and more normal nowadays just to generate more sales with more and more games. The good thing for you is: because we program Summer Islands in our spare time, we are not financially tied to a schedule/fund donor. This allows us to realize the features Summer Islands needs and makes Summer Islands even better. The bad news is: We are only a 3 person team, spread over different continents, that Summer Islands creates in our spare time. With that we always have a full schedule and believe me, it’s already scratching your conscience if no new update has been created for you every week.
So in summary we would like to appeal to your patience. 2018 is still our plan, but game projects are always difficult to plan because of their complexity. 🙂

But now to our smaller update: we have redesigned our building construction menu in the last weeks. Ergonomics and clarity are especially important to us in Summer Islands. We try to make every aspect of the game as familiar as possible. So that there is no irritation during the course of the game. We want to create a natural game flow.

So we adapted the building construction menu with all buildings rather to the well-known touch menus and equipped it with more icons and pictures. The advantage of the new design is the larger space to present more information about the building to the player and the easier comparison of buildings with each other.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Building Menu redesign
-CLIENT: smaller BUG FIX’s
-SERVER: Eventmanager for AI
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections