Update from mid august [v0.0.10.1]

Hello together,

You can really say that we just had summer break. Not only in Germany it is usually much too hot to work, also here in Down Under the heat does not exactly contribute to work. In addition, in the outback there is not really often Internet and more often no electricity. So not the optimal conditions to move Summer Islands forward.

But even if you don’t manage to continue working on Summer Islands very often, you can’t rest on your mind. That’s why we have worked out many buildings in the last weeks and prepared them as artwork. So that you don’t have to survive the summer break without new updates, we want to present you some buildings in the following:

With the last update with the pseudo-random generator we can now generate different types of the same buildings for each field. Here, for example, different types of campsites.

But we also try to maintain the personal holiday resort of each player. Because for everyone it is important to create something unique in the game. That is why our parking system is shown here again. With this (pre-)system we want to promote the creativity of every player to make his holiday resort as individual as possible.

Another building we have created is a gourmet restaurant. Not revolutionary! But there will also be cheap buildings and expensive variants of restaurants. This gourmet restaurant is one of the more expensive buildings and will earn a lot of money if it is placed in the right place.

Something more sophisticated is the water hotel. This can of course be rotated to adapt it to all different coastal variants. Due to its modern style, this building will also be one of the more expensive hotels. The difficult thing is the positioning at a suitable coastal location.

Of course, the fun for the tourists should not be missing. That is why we have designed an open-air swimming pool. However, the building is not located around the luxury sector like the others, but rather in the cheaper sports buildings. Also with these buildings the difficulty lies to find the suitable coastal section.


And of course, what should not be missing in an open-air swimming pool in the sea: The sharks. As sabotage possibility or as natural disaster in form of an overpopulation sharks can reduce your profit of course. We are still thinking about how these occur in the game. But they will definitely be part of it (For the laser shark friends: we are still considering whether these will fit in Summer Islands;) ).

Let us now come to the more serious topics of life. The basic needs of every tourist. We have designed a sewage treatment plant to meet basic needs such as water, electricity or waste. Just like the other buildings that meet basic needs, a sewage treatment plant can only serve a certain number of tourists. So you always have to have the right number of sewage treatment plants for the number of tourists in a resort. Other buildings such as hotels naturally do not want to have a sewage treatment plant next door, which makes the location for a sewage treatment plant more complex to find.

Like the sewage treatment plant, there is also a landfill site, which has the same characteristics. The location for a landfill is more difficult to find because no other building wants a landfill next door. But on the other hand, a holiday resort needs a certain number of garbage dumpers depending on the number of tourists.

Alternatively, we also had in mind the decomposition process of a landfill site. That would be interesting to see. But there is a little more risk, because the player has to keep in mind a constant renewal of the rubbish dumps. But still the decomposition process would be nice to look at 😀