Update from january 2018

Hello Together,

in the last weeks it was pretty quiet around Summer Islands.  That’s because on the other work we had to do next to the Game. But don’t worry:  The time will change that. In the next month we get started again with more content for you.

But let’s talk about what we did in the last weeks. First of all let me inform you that the AI is doing good progress. It is hard to show you some results, because the AI can cultivate some Islands but there’re still some bugs.

For you guys we integrated some moving palms and we really like the result. I think an important goal is that the World is alive!

Next to some smaller features for a better feeling in the gameplay, we also integrated some new textures like our bikes:

And don’t worry about the performance. The engine we use is createJS and with our achritecture we have a pretty stable game.

For the next weeks we wanna create a new Trailer for our steam page and we hope the page goes online after that.

But there’re still some really great features which are not implemented yet. So stay tuned for Summer Islands 🙂

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