Update from end of June 2018 [v0.0.9]

Hello Together

the last week in June there were a lot of little things to fix and improve. You notice that all the puzzle pieces are coming together and the early access is approaching.

– At the beginning we added the total costs in the annual financial report. Because you want to know at first glance the exact losses/gains of recent years.
– For a better differentiation of buildings and land we have limited the black and white effect to buildings only as soon as you click on one. Since clicking on a normal natural field does not require any colour preferences to be displayed, as is the case with buildings.
– To improve the performance, the dark water was provided with a uniform click event. Thus the computer no longer has to check every field in the dark water to see if it was hit by a click.
– Furthermore we have made the window clearer which opens when you click on a building. In addition, this menu can now be moved individually via the bar.

Many more bugs have been fixed or ergonomic improvements have been made to make the game feel more relaxed and natural.
There are a few bigger ideas that need to be integrated until early access. Nevertheless, a lot of game concepts are already integrated which would make a pleasant game possible.
We look forward to integrating further major innovations in the coming weeks.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Total costs financial report added
-CLIENT: Black and white effect only on buildings
-CLIENT: Dark Water Water Level Unified at Click Event
-CLIENT: Info building window ergonomics improved
-CLIENT: Info building window individually movable
-CLIENT: Building construction menu ergonomics improved
-CLIENT: BUG FIX update interval financial report
-CLIENT: BUG FIX GUI Scaling at Minimap, at Sabotage Menu, Building Menu
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections