Update from december 2017

Hello Together,

in the last weeks there was a lot going on next to Summer Islands. We’re students and we have still our work going on. BUT don’t worry! We’re planning and managing to create the game Summer Islands and we working all the time on new ideas and features for the game. SO be sure, there will be still some really greate features in the future.

But for now, may i present to you the new stuff in Summer Islands. We worked on new textures. A shop, an hotel and a Spa and so on. It’s great to see new content and see the game grow. Our AI specialist created a plan ‘what to do on the AI for an Alpha realease’. We have on the AI almost the basics done. It’s awesome to watch the AI to play the game. But fot the Early Acces we want to add more features. While you play, the AI musst be challenging you!

In the last weeks we tried to promote Summer Islands on IndieDB. But it didn’t worked out for us. We’re really thankfull for all your support and for your vote. Maybe next year with Early Access on steam 🙂

And in the end we wish you all the best for the XMAS holidays and the best for 2018.
We will try our best to improve Summer Islands and hopefully soon on Early Access on steam 🙂

See you next Year!