Update end of october [v0.0.13]

Hello together,

in the last two weeks we have concentrated a bit on bug fixing again. So that the basic functions work flawlessly. We have been implementing the Save and Load functions for some time now. But as time went by more and more Feytures were added so this had to be updated again. This time we could also integrate the AI which now, as expected, continues to build after loading.

Furthermore many bug fixes were added to correct unreadable objects or apparent elements in the background.

To inform you about a major change towards early access: In the last weeks we have managed to shrink our Javascript files (50%) and make them unreadable. Now one of you thinks that Javascript can only be made unreadable pseudo. This is partly true. But at least we try to prevent with it a “fast” intervention into the game code. It’s all about protecting our work and preventing unfair gameplay. Mods are a completely different topic. We try to support them. But until we have a working mod support it will probably still take a while.

To also present some pictures to you we want to introduce some new buildings in this update:
On the one hand we have designed another restaurant in the last weeks called Mega Grill. A bigger restaurant for the masses in the rustic wild weststile. A must for every saloon lover.

Another building which was finished in the last weeks is under the category attractions. The zoo, a highlight for the whole family. It is more difficult to build because it is a larger building.

In the next weeks we try to concentrate on efficiency and error solutions. In addition, our graphic designer creates additional content for the individual building types

Update Log:
-CLIENT/SERVER: added Minfier
-CLIENT/SERVER: added Obfuscator
-CLIENT/SERVER: added new Buildings
-CLIENT/SERVER: renewed Save-/Loadingarchitecture
-CLIENT: Bug Fixes