Update end of November [v0.1.10]

Hello together,

in the last few weeks we’ve been able to work a little bit more on little things. This way we tried to improve the feel of the game.

First of all I want to talk about the SoundFX. We managed to add another component to our engine. So the SoundFX is only played when the object is visible on the screen. With cars you often heard the horn even though you were on the water and hadn’t seen any. In addition, we added much more pleasant natural sounds and e.g. a little victory music in the victory window. We will also try to extend the SoundFX in the future.

We have integrated some feedback points from you. For example, if you wanted to go back to the main menu or desktop, an additional window will appear with an additional confirmation. We also improved the savegames. You now have the possibility to give each savegame a personal name. We have separated the storage of the data and the temporary information for the display in the loading screen. This way we can show you the savegames much faster and additionally show you more information. Which version, the playing time or how many players were there. Of course we made sure that the older savegames still work. They don’t have a detailed display. But if you load and save them they are up to date.
If you want to copy them you only have to copy 2 files now. Under

../Steam/steamapps/common/Summer Islands/savegames

you can now always find a .data and a .info file. Both should be copied. But loading without the .info file is also possible.

We have much better news to the size of the scores. Unfortunately we noticed that in the last version the encryption of a 2000 map crashed the game. Therefore we took a closer look and made the space consumption more efficient. We could reduce the savegames by 20x. This means that the loading is much faster and that we now have much better possibilities to move the savegames to the Steamcloud.
We have already tested the Steamcloud with success. But not really integrated yet.

There is also a new little thing in the NewsHistory. This shows now always at which building type there is new building, with the new building name. Here and there we have also improved the scrolling or extended the time of the tourists in the sand.
And of course some more bugs fixed!

We are already looking forward to the XMAS holidays and you should also 😀
Have fun with the new update!

Update log:
-CLIENT/SERVER: Savegame Management
-SERVER: Savegame size reduzing
-CLIENT: SoundFX extended/improved
-CLIENT: OK/CANCEL check window
-CLIENT: NewsHistory improved
-CLIENT/SERVER: Javascript efficiency improved