Update December 2022 [v0.8.4] with weather map and consultant management

Hello everyone,

Here again the biggest announced changes.

The consultant salary levels:

Each consultant has 3 different salary levels. At each salary level you unlock information/features but it costs more. You can terminate the consultant as soon as his/her protection against dismissal has expired. When hiring or increasing the salary level, the protection against dismissal takes effect for a certain period of time.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual features and functions. I have always marked salary level 1 with RED, salary level 2 with ORANGE and SALARY LEVEL 3 with GREEN.

Repair Manager:

As before, you can automatically repair your buildings. At salary level 1 you can only do this when a building has only 40% of its health left. At level 2 you can repair your buildings at 90% health.A new feature is the automatic reconstruction in case of disasters. This means that if a building is destroyed by a disaster, it will be rebuilt by the repair manager. ATTENTION: If you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay the building costs again.

Resort Analysting:

The picture is already known to you. Only the information will be shown to you with the individual salary levels. Tourist occupancy rates in each building category are shown with salary level 1. For the supply buildings with level 2.With level 3 the occupancy rates of the enemy buildings are only shown to you at the edge of the buildings, as an example in the picture to see.

PR Manager:

There will be a change in the PR manager. You no longer have the possibility to set the advertising to the maximum from the beginning.Therefore, at salary level 1, it unlocks advertising to ” average ” and the progress of reputation with details. At salary level 2 you can unlock advertising up to “very much” and only at salary level 3 you can set “ultra much”. In addition, there is also a PR boost.


Here comes the weatherfrog. A very quiet consultant who only explains himself with gestures and facial expressions. Now you’re thinking “Why does he cost so much money?”. The weatherfrog is a special consultant who also needs special food. He can tell you exactly when and where disasters will come. His gestures and facial expressions will be shown directly to you. At food level 1 you will get the period when there will be disasters again. It is estimated that there will be no disasters even about every 3-5 years.At food level 2 it can show you the compass direction where disasters will come. Lastly at food level 3 it shows the exact location of the next disasters.

I know, I know, I know…. UNBELIEVABLE what’s out there.

Security Guard:

The security guard, on the other hand, is not changing much. It protects your buildings and makes it harder for enemies to sabotage them.

At salary level 1 it will be 30% more expensive for enemies.

At salary level 2, it becomes 50% more expensive for enemies.

At salary level 3, it becomes 100% more expensive on the opponents.


The saboteur gives you more sabotage options with each pay level.

At salary level 1: Release cockroaches. Damages the health of the building

At salary level 2: Corrupt construction time. Construction time is shortened for your buildings and vice versa for opponent’s buildings.

At salary level 3: evacuate people and depart buildings. BOOM!

Finally, here is a summary of all the salary levels and advisors

New buildings:

As you have already seen, 8 new buildings are added:

  • 2 vacation cottages
  • 2 villas
  • 1 hotel
  • photo shop
  • climbing park
  • skate park

The end of the update comes with a new version of the front-end engine.

Have fun with the new update.



  • Upgrade PIXI JS v6.5.1 to v7.0.4
  • Added new consultant: Weatherfrog
  • Added new consultantmenu with level
  • Added Weathermap
  • Added Repairmenu with level
  • Added Advertisingmenu with level
  • Added Insurance with level
  • Added X Button to building info menu


  • COST of Terraforming cut in half
  • FIX Tooltip Speedbutton wrong Text
  • FIX Planes Landingposition too high
  • FIX Tooltip Graphicmenü did not disappear
  • FIX 1-Pixel Particle Color
  • CHANGED ogg to mp3 musicfile
  • CHANGED to slower Snowflakes
  • CHANGED Field after demolition is immediately buildable
  • CHANGED Help menu