Update beginning of June [v0.0.23]

Hello together,

This week there is already a new update after one week. This has the reason that many todos have already been worked through and on the other hand because of the approaching release. We are already extremely excited and hope that you will enjoy Summer Islands. As written in the last update, there will always be new free updates and enhancements in Early Access. We don’t make ingame purchases, no subscription model, no paid extensions, no lootboxes. We only have one price and you get all the fun and everything that comes for Summer Islands.

But just a little hint: please keep your expectations low. In Early Access Summer Islands is far from complete. Summer Islands will also not be able to fulfil your childhood wishes. Summer Islands is a new game with similar well-known concepts but still endless fun :D.

Back to this week’s updates:
Finding the way for airplanes and ships in large maps sometimes resulted in short freezes. Because it takes longer until a ship finds the harbour in the dark water near the many islands. The solution was an extra Javascript Worker. So an extra thread that does this A* wayfinding. This brings us back to the almost constant 60 fps.

The first complex implementation in Summer Islands was the aircraft. The living thing that made the sky move. Unfortunately, the airplanes are always a problem and make new problems. At that time they didn’t know how to do it better. So we had to correct the airplanes again this week. New airports had to change a lot here. Also for waiting airplanes in the waiting loops the wayfinding had to be improved. A time-consuming process!

A small improvement can be found at the NewsIcon. Whenever there are new messages, i.e. catastrophes or new buildings, the button starts flashing. Only if you click on it the flashing stops again. A small step for Summer Islands but a big step for usability.

Now you can also switch off the clouds in the graphics menu. In general, we try to offer all possibilities in the graphics menu that you can show and hide. Unfortunately we can’t offer an adjustment possibility for the graphic quality. But due to the constant efficiency adjustments with Javascript Summer Islands runs very stable and has only low hardware requirements.

With the textures there is also a little something new to present. First of all, we have further developed the consultant posters. Now they have got real personalities:

Some new textures were also added to the buildings:
we have extended our port selection with another 2×4 fields port.

There were also some changes in the hotels:

We hope you like the new Textures and you have a great week!

Update log:
-CLIENT: MausOver building plots BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: New buildings are activated with ID.
-CLIENT: A* method implemented in own worker.
-CLIENT: New airports: landfield position for aircraft corrected.
-SERVER: credit display asynchronous BUG FIX.
-SERVER/CLIENT: Tourist history may only show visitors from houses and hotels BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: Monthly histories only show every second number in the y-axis if there are too many numbers.
-CLIENT: flat button position BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: News icon flashes on new news.
-CLIENT: Aircraft queue corrected.
-CLIENT: Consultens with icons & portraits.
-CLIENT: Clouds in graphics menu show/hideable.
-SERVER/CLIENT: New building textures added.
-SERVERCLIENT: Javascript stability/efficiency extended.