Update begin of november [v0.0.14]

Hello together,

WHHHAAAATTT, already after one week a new update?!
Yes, this time we have already integrated so many new features and fixed old ones. So we already had to create a new version.

At the beginning the biggest visible feature. This week we have some new cars that make the roads unsafe. For bicycles there is a bike rental and for cars we have a car rental. For the cars we had to adjust the movements of the moving road objects a bit, especially in the curves. But the result is quite nice.

Furthermore we have looked at the CPU/Memory load. How maybe some of you know there are two ways to get to a target on a system. First, you can do all the calculations every time and get the result. Or you can save the result in memory and save the calculation. To avoid unnecessary calculations and too many objects on the screen at Summer Islands we have already created some static objects as spritesheets. Thus we could keep the FPS number at 40-60 fps with an intel HD4400. So you can imagine what the system requirements will be.

Another topic we tackled was the menu if you want to start a new match. What we already had was basically the basic structure. Based on that we integrated a few choices to give every player the possibility to create infinite worlds.

We’ve also restructured the options menu to make it more ergonomic for players. A bigger and unfortunately not really visible change was accompanied by many corrections at different resolutions. We tested Summer Islands with different resolutions and still had to find some bugs. We were able to solve them successfully with a little time.

We made some other changes directly at the game. On the one hand we removed the road construction button from the construction menu and placed it as a single button at the top of the screen. Because you are more often building roads and therefore you don’t always want to get to the road selection via the construction menu. Another change is the preview of a building. In order not to constantly click on buildings we have changed this. Now you only need to move the mouse over the building and get the information displayed. To change the settings for the building just click on it again.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Car added
-CLIENT: Auto curve corrected
-CLIENT: Layer to Spritesheet performance boost
-CLIENT: New game menu has been provided with options
-CLIENT: Options menu restructured
-CLIENT: Street Button again on Screen
-CLIENT: Resolution corrections
-CLIENT: Mouseover buildinginfo