Update April [v0.0.21]

Hello together,

we made good progress in the last weeks and are already strong in early access planning. What still needs to be integrated? Which features will be implemented in the upcoming updates? Everything has to be tested again and so on. Due to the existing architecture it is sometimes very pleasant to make small changes and see the effects within a few minutes. You can see how the Early Access is going into the final spurt and it looks good how the individual components interact with each other.

We’ve been working on the rough timetable in many meetings over the last few weeks. A lot of work has been done on the textures and on small changes that make the game feel better.

I don’t want to go into detail because every corner is still being worked on. We still have one or two features that need to be implemented before Early Access. The rest, e.g. in the lobby we set better start values or changed some map settings that just made more sense.
The game statistics (mouse clicks, game time etc.) have also been removed for the time being, because the focus is simply elsewhere at the moment and it doesn’t reduce the game fun without the statistics.
The map editor has also been set to “coming soon”. For this we have to integrate other methods to implement terraforming in the larger radius. Because I think nobody wants to change a huge world with one click for every change. For the Early Access there will be almost infinite possible worlds with the random values and seed anyway.

We found the natural disasters far too gentle. Therefore we have extended the radius of destruction a bit. Earthquakes can also occur anywhere on the map where land exists. This can lead you to ruin. But with a good insurance you have less worries. 😉

Of course I don’t want to withhold the textures from you. Therefore here now the new textures, as well as revised:

Beachhouse: Open for everyone and a dream at every location.


Luxury villa: For the upscale milieu but also easy to place.

Luxury Villa

Luxury hotel: Also for the upscale milieu. However, the building is much more susceptible to false neighbours.

Luxury Hotel

Beginner hotel: The two middle hotels. The lower one was reworked and the upper one was rebuilt. Both have their pitfalls but cheap to build.

Basic Hotels

Swimming Pool: This must be for every sportsman and always popular with tourists.

Swimming Pool

Tennis court & training court: The training court is always well received and easy to build. The location of the tennis court is more difficult.

Tennis & training court

Market: A market is a good attraction that always brings you good money. But also not too much. 😉


I hope I could give you some anticipation again and I’m already looking forward to your fun at Early Access.

Update log:
-CLIENT: Lobby more settings added.
-CLIENT: Lobby default values and settings adjusted.
-SERVER: Added flat mode color field generation.
-SERVER: Minimap display at minimap fixed.
-CLIENT: Icons improved.
-SERVER: Natural disasters destruction radius extended.
-CLIENT: Credits inserted. 😉
-SERVER/CLIENT: Map editor/game statistics first set to coming soon.
-CLIENT: option menu extended, tutorial menu added.
-CLIENT: Financial menu improved, if there is too little data no chart will be displayed.
-CLIENT: Pre-money display for building and terraforming newly implemented, bug fixed.
-SERVER: Construction costs of buildings revised.
-SERVER: Cluster calculation bug fixed.
-SERVER: Javascript stability/efficiency extended.