Update April 2023 [v0.8.6] with Reputation through Quality & Environment

Hello everyone,

In this update, we have taken a closer look at the calculation of reputation and better integrated it into the gameplay.We have integrated 2 new settings for you.

Reputation menu

On the one hand you can do more for the environment and social issues to increase your reputation. This costs money of course.On the other hand you can set your quality in all buildings high or low. The tourists like to see a higher quality and so your reputation increases. Unfortunately, this also increases your fixed costs in the buildings. The opposite is when you decrease the quality.

As soon as you have hired the PR manager, you will generally get a reputation boost and you will also be shown the progress of the last months. Additionally you will see the composition.Here you can see which factors go into your reputation:

Reputation calculation

In the course of this we have also taken a closer look at the popularity calculation of the buildings. We have corrected some calculations and strengthened or weakened other factors. The goal is to give the player the possibility of a rent adjustment.

Here you can see which factors flow into your popularity:

Popularity Calculation

Therefore, possibly your vacation paradise will yield different profits after this update. E.g. the decrease of the building condition was also too low. We have doubled this.

Also included in this update were some bug fixes and an upgrade to the frontend engine. We will continue to upgrade the engine to the latest version. I hope for a future support for WebGPU, which would again include a large performance increase.

Have fun



  • Added Reputation: Quality vs Fixed Costs Option
  • Added Reputation: Environment vs Money Option
  • Added Icons at the financial tabs
  • Renamed: Resort to Cluster (Road network)
  • Upgrade PIXI JS v7.0.4 to v7.2.0


  • CHANGED to smaller Textures
  • CHANGED Popularity Calculation
  • CHANGED Reputation Calculation
  • CHANGED Building condition drops faster
  • CHANGED Buildings are not selectable in build mode
  • CHANGED Free demolition of buildings that have just been built with pause
  • FIX Savegame inputfield does not disappear
  • FIX Server Terraforming Calculation was still with Trashfields