Update April 2022 [v0.7.9] with performance and new hotel

Hello everyone,

yes, with this update many things went wrong in the run-up. I have to admit that I often went in the wrong direction this time. During the optimization and restructuring of the game architecture I got into dead ends this time which set me back several weeks.

My goal is still to achieve a frame rate of at least 30-40 frames/second. That’s why I started to completely rebuild the architecture core of Summer Islands. After the new version was ready for testing, I was shocked to see that the frame rate was constantly at 20 frames/second. So I had to rebuild some things and was left without any features just before the weekend. So I decided to integrate smaller things (new hotel) and also the errors that were listed here in the forum (autosave, loading). I am still working on the optimization and hope to make progress in small steps this time.

The schedule, at the beginning of the year, in June to plan a release, has thus rather failed. I think that’s a pity, because the calendar summer start was already used when Summer Islands came into Early Access. That would have been a nice round thing.

My new plan is to release the game in September.

I.e. until then all big features should be integrated. After the release, I still plan on bug fixes and minor improvements.Please don’t get me wrong, I love to develop Summer Islands with you. Your support has brought Summer Islands a huge step forward. I’m just reaching the limits of the engine (also because it’s no longer being developed). I am very interested in how efficient e.g. Unity or Unreal Engine would be and if this would not have been the better choice. But before I try such things, I want to have all features integrated for you in Summer Islands. Because nothing is worse than not finished projects 😉


  • Added Added Ocean Bungalows (Hotel)


  • Performance Boost
  • Saving/Loading asynchron Functions

Have fun with the new update.