Update April 2020 [v0.3.1] with Low GPU Load, Different Movements & more


  • Low GPU Load Option
  • random tent variation
  • Movement in all directions
  • Building menu: Building grey if you have not enough money
  • Colour selection in lobby
  • sorting function in Building Manager
  • Moving objects Random spawning/length
  • BOT Accelerates setup
  • BOT Builds up faster after disasters


  • Try/Catch in any method for sending to developers
  • Sand/grass independent distinction
  • MouseOver Street deactivated
  • Sprite frame rate set to 60fps
  • Sabotage menu is always closed
  • Stars disappeared after loading
  • Sprite reinserted with Low GPU Load
  • Earthquake no longer occurred after loading
  • NewsHistory Details extends

We wish you a lot of fun with the new update.