Preview v0.8.5 Gamepad Support

Hello everyone,

So, it’s unbelievable. You think there’s already enough overtime in the day job. But somehow there is not less work since 2023. Enough with the excuses.

Too much time has passed since the last update. I already thought about uploading my progress to Steam. But it always grabs me the ambition that I could still do something more. Because so far the gamepad support keeps me quite busy.

Therefore I try to publish a new aspect of the update here every few days. So I try to show you what’s coming and you know that it’s going on.

Gamepad support:

It took me a few weeks to integrate the basic architecture/principles. Then I started with the main menu and slowly but steadily went through each menu.I also integrated a small controller, so you can see when and which button I press on the gamepad.

02.03-04.03 – New concept & Finance menu

After some brainstorming later on, there are some changes to the controls to make it easier and more intuitive to get to all the menus. With the gamepad key X you can open the following menus one after the other: Finances|News|Minimap|TasksThe gamepad keys LT and RT are used to switch between the following menus:Buildings|Street|Demolition|Terrain|SabotageWith the gamepad cross you move fast over the maps.Of course all key assignments are changeable.With the axes you can move the selected field. This starts from the movement slowly and becomes faster and faster.Have a look at the video with the pressed gamepad keys.

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – New concept & Finance menu

28.02 – Minimap, tasks and building details

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Minimap, tasks and building details

26.02 – Building dependencies

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Building dependencies

25.02 – Construction menu

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Construction menu

24.02 – Terraforming

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Terraforming

23.02 – Navigation in the game

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Navigation in the game

22.02 – Option menu Gamepad Setup

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Options menu

21.02 – Main menu Navigation

Preview v.0.8.5 Gamepad – Main Menu

Have fun