New Year’s Eve Update [v0.2.1]

Hello together,

we are happy to announce that a new version has been released. This version has the goal to make the game more complete. No big features were implemented, but rather many bugs were fixed and fine-tuned.

For example, you and we noticed that the building history was reloaded every time you reloaded a game or the charts were sometimes deleted or the star menu did not show the correct number of stars.
We would like to thank you very much for the feedback via the Steam Forum or via email, from all our loyal fans out there.

Through the fine-tuning by us we have reduced the probability of catastrophes a bit. There are now fewer disasters.
Also the default victory conditions are easier to reach and you can adjust them with the buttons. In the victory menu, when a player has reached the number of stars, the victory points are calculated better. Every 100 tourists count as 1 point and one star is already worth 1000 points. The money is the same, 1.000.000 € is 1 point.

The consultants have no longer 15 levels but only 6 levels. So it is not so expensive and time consuming to upgrade them to the highest level. With every 2nd level of Saboteur you unlock new Sabotage. In the future more sabotage possibilities will follow.

The biggest change is the software architecture of the buildings. We have now also integrated the age of the buildings into the popularity function. Older buildings also get a bonus of popularity.
This means that the building popularity is based on the demand of the road network, i.e. the number of holidaymakers and how many buildings of the same category exist. In addition, bonuses are added to this. So the surrounding buildings, the rent, health, how much advertising and now also the age of the building. so from about 5-10 years the bonus for the age increases. This gives the possibility to increase the rent again by a few monetary units. You must always look individually how high one can set the rent.

Of course we have adapted the savegames so that old savegames are automatically converted into the new format.
In case of problems you can of course send us an email:
Or play with an older version in advance. We have released every version as beta since the release in Steam. Under Properties>Betas>Select Beta.

That was it for this update with the big innovations.
We wish you a good Summer Islands start into the New Year 2020. Of course we want to thank you very much. Without you the game wouldn’t have come this far. Thank you a lot!!!
There will be a more detailed review of Summer Islands for 2019.

Until then, have fun
Your Summer Islands team.