(late) January Update 2022 [v0.7.6] with new opportunities for harbors

Hello everyone,

attached the new features:

Finally the update is here. I must admit it was very stressful days. That had to do with unexpected problems. I had last weekend already almost everything ready and was relaxed with the tests the week busy. But at the end of the week, with compiling for Steam, problems with the NWjs version came up: ~”Multithreading is not compatible with this old version”. So I tried in all ways to integrate a workaround. Unfortunately without success. In the end I tried different versions. Hoping to find a version with the same efficiency. But only an update to the newest NWjs version helped. Here I had to adjust the code in some places the last days. Unfortunately there are still some minor mouse interactions where the FPS dropped and also when moving the map. I try for the next update with the highest priority to make Summer Islands efficient again!

The next update will also integrate the many missing FX sounds!


  • Added Harbors can build in light water
  • Added Harbors need a connection to deep water
  • Added Multithreading Pathfinder for ships/planes
  • Update to NWjs 0.60 because of Multithreading
  • ATTENTION: possible lags in some mouse interactions. Fix is coming!


  • FIX Snow animation with Resolutions
  • New Waves Calculation
  • FIX Previewbuilding Position from Harbor
  • FIX Margins spacing by some Islandtypes
  • FIX Planes land at airports with double runways
  • FIX Tutorial with new Harborpositions

Have fun with the new update.