February Update 2021 [v0.6.0] with Online Server and more

Hello together,

here are the new features:

Online Server

First of all, some information about the singleplayer and LAN functionality:

For the online server I had to integrate a connector. This switches to a different information forwarding as soon as one is connected to the online server.

In case the server does not run anymore or you want to start your own server, we have already prepared something.The IP of the online server and the port is integrated in the settings.json and can be changed at any time.

I make the online server available to everyone. It is accessible under the following Gitlab project:



  • Added ONLINE Multiplayer
  • Added Great Names for Bots
  • Added other 16×9 resolutions
  • Added Online Server IP in SummerIslands/Data/Settings.json
  • Improvements Bot Building Cluster
  • Improvements Ready Match Status


  • Fix Linux loading Error
  • Fix Autosave every 600 days
  • Internal ERROR CODEs via e-mail from Community

Have fun with the new update.