December 1.Update 2021 [v0.7.5] with Resort Analyst Overview

Hello together,

attached the new features:


  • Added New Hotel: Glamping (Luxus)
  • Added New Shop: Accessories (Mass)
  • Added New Sport: Kanushop (Mass)
  • Added New Attraction: Rigatta (Luxus)
  • Added BuildingRelationOverview Window
  • Added Coin firework for the victory window
  • Added Reward of the completed missions must be collected via click
  • Added Counter for the fulfilled missions


  • Lowering the difficulty of the easy tasks
  • Terraforming recreation with FPS boost
  • Waiting time until match starts has max 400 bubbles
  • Savegamenames may only contain a-z,A-Z,0-9 and -_ characters
  • Reputation menu display error in chart and numbers revised
  • Some minor bugs with the GUI

Have fun with the new update.