Blog post: 2022 summary and forecast 2023

Hello everyone,

The year 2022 is over and we can look forward to the new year 2023. I would like to write this year again a small review of the year 2022, what big changes there were and what we can expect in 2023.

But first of all I want to thank you for your support!!! For your feedback, for your found bugs, for your wishes, for your fun with Summer Islands.I have the impression that since the release of the demo a little more quietness has flowed into many expectations and thus more time could be spent in completing it. I always notice people who immediately like news, tweets or toots and comment positively. There is constant feedback and with steamsales especially. I get a list of trackable bugs and requests that I always like to add to my todo list and integrate.

I thank you for this nice communication!

From my point of view, the biggest new features in 2022 were the following:

  • Frontend Engine Migration
  • Consultant level rework
  • weatherfrog/weather map
  • Harbors in light water
  • New ways
  • New sound effects
  • Map editor rework
  • Double speed

I sorted them by the fun factor 😉

The biggest plus point is the new frontend engine Pixi JS. Especially because it is still under development. There are many new possibilities that I could implement to increase the performance. But there is still a lot of potential in the engine. Since there is some feedback about low FPS after some game time. I am constantly analyzing, but a comprehensive analysis with a solution is still outstanding.

Just in the last update the new consultant levels came. These are much clearer and so far I have not received any negative feedback.Along with this came the weather map and the weatherfrog. For the player there is thus the possibility to control the disasters better and react. Especially the number of disasters has decreased.

A change in the game principle was also the possibility of building a harbor in light water. This required some path calculation. But it was worth it. The deep water was only intended for this purpose at the beginning. But I think it’s a good principle, so you can’t connect all streets.

You can hear the new sound effects all the time when you want to build a new building and you also don’t want to miss the double speed.

The map editor is a nice feature for people who only want to play in the sandbox. Full freedom, no money problems and if you want you can still play the map in normal mode.

Prediction for 2023

Although already delayed several times, there is a plan to release Summer Islands from Early Access in 2023.

>>Drop microphone<<

>>Pick up microphone<<

Yes this has been planned many times. But I’m positive and there must be some time to start with Summer Islands 2 in 3D ;D

But back to the remaining features for Summer Islands. There are some small things to be done here. The fine tuning in some places. The change of the code so that less problems occur in the menu navigation. But also e.g. to integrate the reputation better into the game.

The larger changes will probably be:

Gamepad support:

I would like to create a game feeling, so that one can control the whole game on the couch with a controller. This requires some adjustments. E.g. a constantly selected field on the map. You open the menu bar first by pressing a button and then the building menu. The controller functions can be switched on and off. Especially for the steam deck is often requested.

Auctions/Special buildings

Many would be happy to see auctions again, which auctions special buildings. So that the player with the highest bid can build the building as the only owner. This would of course be a pleasant homage to the past.However, I am not so sure if this fits into the gameplay.The alternative would be the following: There are special buildings randomly distributed on the map at the start of the game. Around the special buildings you can build your buildings, which then get a boost. The radius can differ depending on the building, as well as the boost and the type of building. So every player has the incentive to build a special building.Possibly one could also take over the special building.I think this would be a nice idea.

Expansion Disasters, Sabotages, Plants, Animals

These are not major changes, but rather the expansion of the content. There should be some more catastrophes (fires, …), more sabotages (takeover, …), the plants should grow/dynamically spread and in some places there should be some more animals.

These are my wishes and thoughts for our new year 2023.Feel free to write your wishes in the comments here or via Twitter, via Mastodon or mail.I would be very happy.

Last but not least, here is the link to the gameplay tutorial video. As a beginner there is the tutorial explained and as a professional you never stop learning:

Then here again a very HUGE THANK YOU to YOU and your support to Summer Islands.You are the heroes and a Happy New Year 2023 to each of you.