Back to the Islands

Hello everyone,

You may have wondered and asked: “Why is no new update published? It’s been more than 6 weeks since the last update. I have to wait here every day and the guy doesn’t do anything. What is this? I want potato chips. What are these tourists doing on the islands and where do they even come from? Why are there turtles? What am I doing here and who is this Summer Islands guy anyway?”

All good and valid questions that I will try not to answer all.I think the most important point is this: I’m back to work on the next update!!!

Reason for the delay was a short summer vacation and then an incredible amount of work at my day job (which is becoming more of a day and night job). But this is only a temporary deviation, a small fluctuation. It almost seems like the earth doesn’t want me to work on the next update.

I can tell you this much already: The next update will contain new buildings again, the disasters will be revised by the frequency, improvement of the consultants and let’s see what else is included.Of course, I will also integrate a few bugs, for the seekers among you.

I am looking forward to developing the Summer Islands feeling with you and to your feedback.

Until then.

Have fun.