September Update 2020 [v0.4.3] with Tutorial and more

Hello together,

after a short summer break we continue with new features.

Today I am happy to present you the Tuto…..uh the Manager Certificate:
It contains approximately all relevant topics.
But you won’t be told everything and you have to find out the best strategies by yourself.
With the certificate we want to make it easier for you to enter the hard business world of tourism in Summer Islands.
It should be a kind of tour through all important topics and of course we will write a written exam at the end 😉

Another point is the intro story we created. It will start at the beginning of every match and should bring you better into the game.
Have a look at it and feel free to send us your feedback.
*You can skip it with spacebar

The last bigger point are the achievements.
As you might have noticed, there are a few new ones in Steam.
No these are not implemented yet.
But this won’t be that much work anymore and will be done in the next weeks.


  • Tutorial: Added as new game mode
  • Intro Story: Added video that can be skipped with spacebar
  • MouseOver menu is updated daily
  • MouseOver & MouseClick building info can be displayed separately
  • Achievements Prepared.


  • Tutorial: Scaling adjusted
  • Task: display scaling adapted.
  • Ships,/Planes/Cars spawn rate improved for longterm
  • Deleting building for moving objects caused errors. bug fix
  • Building Manager menu background bug fix
  • Camping Cluster recalculation stopped bug fix
  • Equity renamed to property value: This includes only the built properties of one player.
  • Internal ERROR CODEs via e-mail from Community

We wish you a lot of fun with the new update.