Update from mid october [v0.0.12]

Hello together

in the last weeks some great features have come together in Summer Islands which we want to present to you in this update. These are not all essential for an Early Access. But since you want to suggest a certain atmosphere in early access, which the players can adjust to, such features are indispensable. We are also getting more and more into a certain planning phase in which we work out which future updates there will be and which functions represent a basic basis that we absolutely want to integrate for early access. So in early access you have to re-evaluate Summer Islands after every update because the feel of the game is constantly redesigned by the new features.

Now we come to our updates of the last weeks. On the one hand we used some stylistic means to improve the atmosphere. In short, we have integrated clouds that float across the screen from time to time. This subconsciously creates a much more lively game world.

Furthermore, we have added a new natural disaster: Earthquake.
The player is informed that a natural disaster is approaching and the earth is already shaking at a certain point with a certain radius. Of course the buildings can be destroyed and the terrain changed.

In the next weeks we will focus on improvements of the basics so that a basic game process can develop and these game functions run without bugs. Thank you for your patience and we hope you will be so excited about Summer Islands like we are.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: clouds integration
-CLIENT/SERVER: earthquake integration
-CLIENT: bug fixes
-SERVER: AI improvements
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections