Update from mid november [v0.0.15]

Hello together,

also this week we have made a good progress with new features so that we came to a version. For all those who are longing for early access. We have created a good todolist with basics that should be bug free implemented for the early access. We are already working through the list intensively.

To our new features. We’ve made the biggest change in the news display topic, we’ve implemented a news banner. So a band at the bottom of the screen informs you about the news from the game world. If there are important news this band turns red and there are additional buttons. By clicking on the buttons you jump directly to the current natural catastrophes. So you always stay informed about the current important events. If the banner takes up too much space, you can of course hide it.

With the news banner we have implemented the natural catastrophes so that they can appear now with a certain probability distributed on the map.

Furthermore we have extended the sabotage menu with cockroaches and the bribery of construction time. As soon as you sabotage an enemy building with cockroaches the condition of the building decreases drastically. This loses the building to arbitrariness and the enemy loses his source of income. The construction time bribery doesn’t only work with enemy buildings. If one of your buildings is still under construction, you can bribe the construction manager to reduce the construction time. Conversely, it works for enemy buildings. With these the construction time is extended. The opponent loses more money because of the constant costs and because the neighboring buildings don’t want to have a construction site next door, they lose popularity again.

With the buildings we got also some new ones implemented. A shopping center was designed and integrated under the category Shops. The building is one of the larger buildings and is designed for larger numbers of visitors.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: EVENT BANNER architecture Basics integrated
-SERVER: Event system connected with catastrophies
-CLIENT/SERVER: Catastrophies playable integrated
-CLIENT: News Buttons for catastrophies implemented
-CLIENT: NewsBanner & News Buttons with differents scalling & resolutions
-CLIENT/SERVER: Sabotage: Cockroaches & Buildingtime bribe included