Big Summer Update 2021 [v0.7.0]

Hello together,

we have worked hard in the last months and are very excited about the new update.We have integrated an incredible amount of new features, changed a lot of things and made some places ready for next updates.

Even if it doesn’t look like it here in the changelog, the game has been completely reworked from the user interface. Therefore, almost everywhere the code was revised. This has many advantages and especially we can now focus on some exciting new features.

The biggest innovation besides the UserInterface is the BlurEffect at the edge. We have added the option to turn it off under Options>Graphics. But there is also under ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Summer Islands\Data\settings.json the option to set the blur strength individually:

  • NOT_BLUR_AREA: “radial-gradient(ellipse 91% 92% at 50% 50%, black 30%, transparent 80%)”
  • BLUR_FILTER: “blur(3px)”

we include this in the game using these lines:

  • $(“#Canvas1”).css(“-webkit-mask-image”, SETTINGS.NOT_BLUR_AREA);
  • $(“#Canvas0”).css(“filter”, SETTINGS.BLUR_FILTER)

Anyone who wants can feel free to mess around with the CSS attributes and customize them.


  • Complete revision of the UI/UX
  • Added new menu textures
  • Added new icons/font
  • Added new terraforming tool
  • Added new Tooltips on Mouse
  • Added new minimap interaction
  • Added new Blur-effect
  • Added InfoBubble on Mouse
  • MapEditor temporarily disabled
  • load local map or from Workshop temporarily disabled


  • FIX After clicking on the ESC Menu the arrow keys didn’t work anymore
  • FIX Tutorial with new GUI
  • FIX Menu Scaling
  • FIX Movement with mouse
  • FIX Scrollspeed with mousewheel

Have fun with the new update.