update first weeks of october

So, there was a lot going on in the last two weeks.

In the beginning we worked a weekend together, to get more performance from the AI and guess what: We did a good job :). a nice performance boost. With that we can push the AI a little bit more. The Basics are almost complete. Next step on the AI would be some individual choices from every AI.

On the client side we integrated a Map Editor. So, you have the possibility to create your own maps and play them. It would be nice to have also the steam workshop integrated so you can share them easily. I mean you can already share them if you copy and send them. But that wouldn’t be user-friendly.

We also got our steam account ready. So, we tried the greenworks lib to get the connection to steam. We had some trouble in the beginning, but after that in the end it worked great. There is a lot to do with this lib and we probably do this just before the Alpha.

Another great news was the integration to support a gamepad like the Xbox controller. We found a good library called ZIM. So, we will definitely support gamepads. But this is really a feature we will do at the end. We will see.

But please enjoy this beautiful nice port from our lovely artist. Wouldn’t it be nice to live there?

Update from September

This month we worked a lot on the lobby mechanics. So the work was made in the background and you won’t see these things. You only see the effect.

But that’s not everything. On the AI we rework the basic functions to make it more efficency and for the textures we created some new Buildings.

For the next month we try to work on the weather and catastrophes. We tried some effects in the game. But its really hard to get the right amount of rain and also realistic rain. So maybe we need some more month for this.

But for now you can enjoy the small ingame buildings teaser:

Update from August

This month was all about textures. It never ends. We work a lot on the buttons and the menu. Since were have a lot more textures we want to make ingame videos. But they will take at least the next month.

On the other side we’re creating a map Editor. So that you can create your personal maps ingame and also on a website. On the website you can download the map and implement it to your game on your PC.

The AI did a lot of progress in the last weeks. We implemented the main architecture, so that we can create the individual AI’s now.

The next Month we work a lot on buildingstextures and the eventsystem from the news. The news will show you the weather forecast and new buildings.

We hope you like the ingame pictures from the SummerIslands (Pre-Alpha 🙂 ).

Update from July

This time we focused on the AI and some new function with the buildings. We’re making good but slowly progress with the textures. The buildings will have a lot of details :). But for now we will provide a small video about the nature and the island texture. Enjoy 😉

Update from the june

We worked in the last weeks mainly on the textures. The landscape, the buildings, the nature. We hope to show you some ingame videos in the next weeks once we have almost the textures ready 🙂

Update from april and may

We’re really happy to announce that we have almost constant 60 fps with the new StageGL. The new createjs Update is really awesome!

In the last weeks, a few major steps have been taken with the AI. Its great to see the map beeing filled with buildings.

There are still a lot of bugs. But we’re making good progress. Now we create some new textures and in the next weeks we would like to make the finetuning with the buildingscosts and so on.

Now some explanantions about the pictures. These are some ingame pictures with the flat mode. you can easy activate the flat mode with space. So you see what is behind some big buildings. Because We definitely did not wanted to turn the view of the map.

Things in march

In the last month we did a lot on the Server-Client communication. Surprisingly we found a really simple and fast method. In the next weeks we start with the textures. As soon they a ready we start with some vids 🙂

But we’re really excited for a new createjs version and the WebGL support using the new ‘StageGL’. Rightnow we have around 10-40 fps. So we would like to push this to constant 60fps.


last weeks progress and goals

In the last weeks we implemented some basic functions and some ideas. Our graphic designer will start with the textures in april. In the meantime we’re working on the basics architecture of the game. After that we will start with the to improve the AI and implement some bigger features like nasty wheater 🙂

Stay tuned for more information soon.