Update from mid-July 2018 [v0.0.10]

Hello together,

once again, the days have just gone by. We work with high pressure whenever we can on Summer Islands. It’s really great when you look at the updates of the last months, how more and more come together. Slowly we try to do one or the other long-term test to test the stability.
But there are still a few features we want to keep for you for a while and we will work on them in the next months to implement them. We are really happy when Summer Islands finally get into early access so you can play it. Until then, I’ll provide you with the latest news from the last two weeks:

Without Random
With Random

First we created a mathematical pseudo-random model in the last weeks. We needed a calculation that always created one and the same random number at the same position over the entire course of the game. We needed this calculation for a better landscaping.

Above the lndschaft is to be seen without pseudo-randomness and below with. The difference is currently still small. But you can create a better game atmosphere later because the linearity is not so noticeable to the player.

As a second big feature we created the architecture for the sound effects. We all agree how important SoundFX and music are for a good gaming atmosphere. Therefore we would like to concentrate on the SoundFX for the beginning. CreateJS offers us every possibility to start with SoundJS in a simple way. We have implemented an architecture that we can build on to create a good gaming atmosphere:

Update Log:
-CLIENT: fake random function
-CLIENT: Soundarchitecture implementation
-CLIENT: first Sound FX implementation
-CLIENT: BUG FIX Keyboard buttons
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections

Update from end of June 2018 [v0.0.9]

Hello Together

the last week in June there were a lot of little things to fix and improve. You notice that all the puzzle pieces are coming together and the early access is approaching.

– At the beginning we added the total costs in the annual financial report. Because you want to know at first glance the exact losses/gains of recent years.
– For a better differentiation of buildings and land we have limited the black and white effect to buildings only as soon as you click on one. Since clicking on a normal natural field does not require any colour preferences to be displayed, as is the case with buildings.
– To improve the performance, the dark water was provided with a uniform click event. Thus the computer no longer has to check every field in the dark water to see if it was hit by a click.
– Furthermore we have made the window clearer which opens when you click on a building. In addition, this menu can now be moved individually via the bar.

Many more bugs have been fixed or ergonomic improvements have been made to make the game feel more relaxed and natural.
There are a few bigger ideas that need to be integrated until early access. Nevertheless, a lot of game concepts are already integrated which would make a pleasant game possible.
We look forward to integrating further major innovations in the coming weeks.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Total costs financial report added
-CLIENT: Black and white effect only on buildings
-CLIENT: Dark Water Water Level Unified at Click Event
-CLIENT: Info building window ergonomics improved
-CLIENT: Info building window individually movable
-CLIENT: Building construction menu ergonomics improved
-CLIENT: BUG FIX update interval financial report
-CLIENT: BUG FIX GUI Scaling at Minimap, at Sabotage Menu, Building Menu
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections

Update from mid-June 2018 [v0.0.8]

Hello Together

With some delay because of the bad internet coverage here in Down Under comes the next update.
The last two weeks we have devoted ourselves completely to the financial charts. These had previously only been implemented as temporary displays. Createjs offers complete freedom because there are no pre-built objects either. Therefore we have improved the axes labels and the legend of our previous tables.

Since you don’t always see in detail in the table in which point you have how much money, there is the additional function to move the mouse over a name and thus display the exact numbers in the table.

There are two different tables. On the one hand, there is a monthly table that displays 12 months by month. On the other hand, there is an annual table which always shows 10 years at yearly intervals.

We have also created new textures. There we are currently working on a parking system that you can create individual parks from individual blocks.

We hope you like it.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: improved financial charts
-CLIENT: Created Parksystem
-SERVER: improved Buildings popularity function
-CLIENT/SERVER: javascript efficency corrections

Update from the 1.week in june 2018 [v0.0.7]

Unfortunately this time a few weeks have passed since the last update. We had already worked on some innovations. But unfortunately, we were interrupted this time by a few complex FPS break-ins. Therefore we contacted the Engine Creators of CreateJS and we have to THANK YOU for this! Quick and competent help!
I really need to do a little promotion for CreateJS: Freedom and performance!

In the last update we introduced the GUI scaling. Right afterwards we added the MOUSE scaling. So that you can enlarge the size of a mouse that is too small. This makes it more relaxed for the eyes. Everyone as he wants.

After we got the FPS break-ins into the grasp we turned to the Minimap. This had been half finished in the last versions. This time we changed the structure of Grundauf. We removed the scroll buttons and let the map always scale to window size. This reduces the readability of larger maps but increases the game feel to the size of the map.

With the minimap you can get to the desired position in the normal map with a left click on the minimap. You already know that from the standard strategy games. This makes the game much easier to use. I hope you like it.

Update Log:
-CLIENT: added MOUSE Scale option
-CLIENT: Minimap scaling
-CLIENT: added Minimap click to position function
-CLIENT/SERVER: big javascript efficency corrections

Update from the 4.week in april 2018 [v0.0.6]

Hello together,

this time we worked on two different things.

The first one is more a correction from the tornado and the clouds. In the past we hadn’t a good animation of the tornado, clouds and dark clouds. So, we worked on our animation to get it more realistic and smooth. It took us a few days for just a small result. But it had to be done.

On the other days we saw a trailer analysis about our Summer Islands trailer from the Schematics Team here: https://youtu.be/F_206kBHI-Q
It was great to watch and we got some nice feedback. Also some inspiration but we’re not sure about the sharks with lasers. ūüėä
There we saw the need for the GUI scaling. We already had it on the to-do list. But it was really important to integrate it now. If some people want to see some features they must see what it is and get the impression about it. So we added a new option where you can set the GUI scale from 1.0 to 1.7. That is really the maximum for the option window.

With these big buttons it is really nice to play, also with touchscreen. Maybe we can add a touchscreen mode or a pen mode or something like that. Also It would be nice to create a Smartphone version or a Console version.
But for now, we‚Äôre working hard to get a stable alpha version.¬†ūüėä

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Tornado, clouds animation correction
-CLIENT: added GUI Scale option
-CLIENT: Loading animation
-CLIENT/SERVER: Small javascript efficency corrections

Update from the 3.week in april 2018 [v0.0.5]

Hello together,

this is a small update about the 3.week in april only. Because what we did is worth an update ūüôā

Last week we worked hard on the loadingsystem of Summer Islands. Because createJS provides also the great PreloadJS JavaScript library. So for this mechanic we had to change a lot of things for example with the spriteSheets to some extra JSONs and so on. Especially with sounds in the future we have now the architecture to load all the files in the beginning to have everything in the cache.  We know, we should have done this month ago. Now i would say every Gamedeveloper needs to do this right away.

So for this loading time in the beginning we integrated a small preview movable animation. We can change this easily in the future if we create something better.

Additionally we use this black loading screen also if you start a match. But unless you play a bigger map the game needs only a few seconds to  initialize.

When everything is loaded an animation of the main menu starts. We¬†do not really want to specify it. It’s just a simple animation. But it makes a good atmosphere and you like to play a match. ūüôā

And now enjoy the start of the game:

In the next weeks we’re working hard for a stable version. But probably we need a few more weeks for that especially with the fine tuning. ūüôā

Update from the first weeks in april 2018 [v0.0.4]

Hello together,

i’m writing here from down under and today we have a bigger update to announce. In the last weeks we worked on a better illustration about the impact of a building to another one.

So if you build a building the building gets a normal popularity depending on the position of the building. But with a nomal popularity your earnings are only a little bit higher than your losses. So you can boost the popularity with the surrounded fields.

When you click on a building, the important fields are highlighted in three different colors (traffic Light principle). 2 fields in every direction. starting from the building. The other fields will get greyed out.

  • RED (negative boost): All buildings that negatively affect the selected building
  • YELLOW (neutral): All buildings that do not affect the selected building
  • GREEN (positive boost):¬† All buildings that positively affect the selected building.

So for example we selected a tent in the middle of the screen. Streets are always bad fields. The Tourists don’t like to many streets around a building. So the streets are red highlighted.

The bigger hotel is¬†highlighted in yellow. So it doesn’t effect the popularity from the tent.¬†

And in the end the green highlighted fields.  The empty fields are always good. The tourists like free fields to lie down. So they will give the building a boost and also the bike seller on the other side of the road.

Here you see some more examples from the Hotel:

and from the Airport:

Be aware that some buildings like the airport, harbors and so on, they don’t have¬†the possibility to boost the popularity. Because there popularity only depends on the workload

Update Log:
РCLIENT added Colors Textures
– CLIENT nature Bug fixes
РCLIENT added surrounded building selektion
РCLIENT added grey out effect
– small javascript efficency corrections

Update from the last weeks in march 2018 [v0.0.3]

Hello together,

after a small time of silence we have finally some news for you.

First of all. The silence came on one side from the bigger feature we have added the last weeks and on the other side from the Australia trip two of us do. But don’t worry. Like we already sad, the university is over so there is nothing we can’t do ūüôā

Back to Summer Islands and the new features. We already announced to work on some new plants and environment stuff. In the last weeks we implemented it. We still have some trouble to re-calibrate the amount of plants and stuff on the Islands. But it gives you already a better atmosphere in the gameplay.

So which new plants are coming:

In the first row you see the bushes. They can grow and they are the first plants which starts to grow on an empty field.

The second row shows the different stones in the field. In a field with a stone a tourist can not lay down.

The third row gives you a look on the growth of a palm. From small in the beginning and sensitive for the tourists to the big ones in the next row.

In the fourth/fifth row yo see the big palms. For a better perspective we added a different shadow to the big plants.

The sixth we have something special for you. We created some mangrove. The trees will grow on the edge of the islands to the water. You already see the growing of these plants.

In the second last row you see the¬†the¬†growth of the normal trees. From small to the big ones in the last row. The trees will only grow in the higher levels and sometimes they have something special in it…..

So how will they look like in the gameplay. Here you can see a first impression and like we sad, it still needs some more recalibration:

In the next days we have some more news for you.

Update Log:
РCLIENT added more environment in texture
– CLIENT implementation of different plant Biome
– CLIENT plants growth differentations for efficency
РCLIENT restructured plantsimplementation to add easier more plants.
– small javascript efficency corrections


Update from the first weeks in march 2018 [v0.0.2]

Hello together,

in the first weeks in march we worked on some new functions like demolition or sabotage. These functions are really important. Because…you know…if have to much money you can blow you enemy away. In Summer Islands sabotage is pretty expansive.

For the Beginning we added a bomb, sharks and bacterial for the hotels. With these you can  influence the popularity of the buildings. If it worked your enemy will earn much less money. Sabotage is really something you should only do if you have a lot money and need the space or the revenge. Since we have added these function we can add in the future more creative sabotage functions. You need more possibilities with your revenge.

Next to the sabotage functions/menu we added or renewed the demolition function with some effects. Just for now to have some effects. We will probably rebuild them too in the future.

Also to have a better overview about the cost of the demolition, sabotage or if you do terraforming you get a small sign next to the mouse with the costs on it. It is a pretty small feature but it will bring more transparency and a better traceability for you.

In the last post we wrote about new features/designs for the nature. We will do that now ūüôā

Update Log:
– CLIENT/SERVER demolition function
– CLIENT/SERVER sabotage function
– CLIENT sabotage menu/effects
– CLIENT cost preview signs
– small javascript efficency corrections

Update from the last weeks in february 2018, version 0.0.1

Hello together,

these past few weeks in the end of february have been so hard. Not with Summer Islands but rather with the work next to Summer Islands. Espcecially with the end of the Masterthesis. But now it’s over and we can focus on new features for Summer Islands!!!

In the last weeks we focused a lot on improving the AI. Summer Islands isn’t only focusing on your economy and the weather conditions. The AI must challenge you and you should consider carefully to build something next to the AI or when you attack the reputation of them. We wanna build a realistic AI.
So in the first steps the AI will analyse a small part of the map and will create a little base, like you would do. For these few functions there is already a lot going on on the AI. To be a realistic AI, first they must build a few buildings, rethink the area and so on.

On the client side we implemented a zoom function. With you mousewheel you can zoom in and zoom out to the point where you coursor is. Now you have the possibility to watch all the small movements, for example from the cyclist.

Zoom in/out effect


In the next weeks we try to implement some new features for the nature. It will probably change the complete look of the nature.

Update Log:
– AI Area Analysation
– AI small Base building
– AI building connection streets
– AI terraforming for Buildings
– CLIENT Zoom in/out with your mousewheel