Update end of November [v0.1.10]

Hello together,

in the last few weeks we’ve been able to work a little bit more on little things. This way we tried to improve the feel of the game.

First of all I want to talk about the SoundFX. We managed to add another component to our engine. So the SoundFX is only played when the object is visible on the screen. With cars you often heard the horn even though you were on the water and hadn’t seen any. In addition, we added much more pleasant natural sounds and e.g. a little victory music in the victory window. We will also try to extend the SoundFX in the future.

We have integrated some feedback points from you. For example, if you wanted to go back to the main menu or desktop, an additional window will appear with an additional confirmation. We also improved the savegames. You now have the possibility to give each savegame a personal name. We have separated the storage of the data and the temporary information for the display in the loading screen. This way we can show you the savegames much faster and additionally show you more information. Which version, the playing time or how many players were there. Of course we made sure that the older savegames still work. They don’t have a detailed display. But if you load and save them they are up to date.
If you want to copy them you only have to copy 2 files now. Under

../Steam/steamapps/common/Summer Islands/savegames

you can now always find a .data and a .info file. Both should be copied. But loading without the .info file is also possible.

We have much better news to the size of the scores. Unfortunately we noticed that in the last version the encryption of a 2000 map crashed the game. Therefore we took a closer look and made the space consumption more efficient. We could reduce the savegames by 20x. This means that the loading is much faster and that we now have much better possibilities to move the savegames to the Steamcloud.
We have already tested the Steamcloud with success. But not really integrated yet.

There is also a new little thing in the NewsHistory. This shows now always at which building type there is new building, with the new building name. Here and there we have also improved the scrolling or extended the time of the tourists in the sand.
And of course some more bugs fixed!

We are already looking forward to the XMAS holidays and you should also πŸ˜€
Have fun with the new update!

Update log:
-CLIENT/SERVER: Savegame Management
-SERVER: Savegame size reduzing
-CLIENT: SoundFX extended/improved
-CLIENT: OK/CANCEL check window
-CLIENT: NewsHistory improved
-CLIENT/SERVER: Javascript efficiency improved

Update beginning of November [v0.1.9]

Hello together,

It’s finally time. The update 0.1.9 is here, after a long wait. We needed a long time for the bigger feature of this update. There were some setbacks because we couldn’t do some things because of our architecture. So we had to change some things and start again. But in the end we managed it.

In detail it is about the feature of levelling larger terrain areas. This makes it much easier to create a surface without many clicks. The preview option to display and calculate the possible costs was the difficult part. Unfortunately we ran into a few dead ends due to our architecture.
We go through a recursive method in which we look which heights do not yet have the desired height. Thus the map is adapted to the new height. If you want to do this several times for a larger area, you have to be careful that the recursion does not cause large FPS breaks. Also you have to pay special attention to the demolition conditions. In the end we have integrated a second map which is preferably displayed when a surface is levelled. Also the recursion is limited to certain areas only. Each part is only responsible for one direction. This does not result in overlaps.
With this we have implemented a feature which is still important for the editor.

A few more features are also available in this update.

We have integrated an de/encryption for the savegames with an additional verification number. So you can exclude in the multiplayer that someone has spent more money after loading and is shown wrong in the statistics. That doesn’t bring any big changes now. But in the future we can still expand this.

The SoundFX build effects have also been improved. Next we want to adjust them so that they are only heard when they are really visible on the screen. This has unfortunately turned out to be more difficult than expected. Because our engine doesn’t have something like this by default and therefore we have to develop an algorithm first that confirms with little effort whether the object is displayed or not.

Finally we have changed the main menu of the design a bit. That wasn’t much effort. The goal was to create a more lively main menu.
And of course we have some bugs fixed!

For the next weeks until the XMAS holidays we want to concentrate on stability and atmosphere.
Have fun with the new update!

Update log:
-CLIENT/SERVER: Terraforming Field integrated
-CLIENT: Planes Layer BUG FIX
-CLIENT: Javascript efficiency improved
-SERVER/CLIENT: SoundFX Buildings improved
-SERVER: Savegames De/Encoding
-CLIENT: Mainmenu improved

Update beginning of October [v0.1.8]

Hello together,

I’d say we were on summer break. But unfortunately we were so busy with everyday tasks like looking for a flat, moving etc. You know that this is always time consuming.
Now that everything is back to normal we want to release new updates for you.

I think right at the beginning I would like to mention that we made a stupid mistake. The victory conditions weren’t counted individually for each player, they were counted all together. That’s why you could quickly end the game with a few BOTS. We fixed that right away.
We would be happy to see a few victory pictures from you. How you cut off so after a certain time. So feel free to post some pictures.

As a bigger feature we have added the money send function. You now have the possibility to send money to every player. Via the star menu and the tab player. Therefore we had to trick something with the HTML DOM elements to get a good input window. I don’t think the result is perfect yet. But you can already work with it.

We made some small changes to the options menu. This gives you the possibility to remove moving objects depending on the hardware. Now all corresponding layers are removed from the game and no longer displayed. This might help some people to increase the FPS. Also we could improve the sometimes jerky clicking behavior. We switched to the HTML MouseEvents. These always have the highest priority during execution. So in the future we can integrate much better mouse interactions e.g. the wish to activate street with mouseDown and to build with mousePressUp.

Finally, we also implemented the architecture for the supply buildings. This adds two more buildings: The garbage dump and the sewage plant. These can currently be built easily and are calculated like normal buildings. Of course, other buildings don’t want them next door. In further updates the supply buildings will play a bigger role so that the other buildings will work at all. But I have to tell you right now that Summer Islands won’t be an economic simulation like ANNO etc.. We want to increase the difficulty and the realism with the utility buildings. There will be more such buildings coming. But at the moment we don’t plan with every building what you would need to live. Rather an abstraction for the vacation.

Have fun with the new update!

Update Log:
-CLIENT: Send money to fellow players
-CLIENT: MouseEvents improved
-CLIENT: Javascript efficiency improved
-SERVER/CLIENT: Supply building integrated
-SERVER: Victory calculation BUG FIX
-CLIENT: Options menu improved
-CLIENT: OptionsMenu Switch Layer On/Off

Update beginning of September [v0.1.7]

Hello, together,

finally it’s time. We present you the new victory conditions menu.
So it finally makes sense to play Summer Islands πŸ™‚
At least you’ve got a clear goal you can work towards or get yourself compared to.

It was very stressful last weeks. Not because of Summer Islands. But you always have in mind that you have to create a new Summer Islands update.
No, the stress came more from a partition error. Which destroyed a few days of programming. Also the important programming laptop had been sent in because of a hardware defect. So you had to set everything up again and that costs time with the little free time you have in the evening. I don’t want to complain too much. Everyone has his problems πŸ˜€

But for you it means now: Set victory conditions at the start of the game:

As you can see in the picture you can currently set 4 different victory conditions. For each goal the player gets a star. Additionally you can set how many stars a player needs to win.
The current 4 categories are:
-Time (this category is always activated)
-Number of tourists
-Shareholders’ equity (sum of all construction costs of existing buildings)

You can set these 4 categories as targets and change them.
When you have started the game you will see a new button with a star icon in the bottom left corner.

If you click on it you will get to the MatchMenu. This shows you some details about the current match via the tabs. At the very beginning you can see the stars. Here you can see who already got how many stars. In the tab game settings you get an overview of the created match and the victory conditions. This helps you to bring the goals back into consciousness.

When you give it 110% and it comes to an end. So a player who has reached the required stars, you will see the winner window with the facts about the match. Who wins based on the total score or the money or stars. This can all be seen at a glance.

We will try to integrate such statistics into Steam in the future so that you can see how your friends have performed with similar game conditions. Or a big chart with all points at what time what happened. For this we have implemented the basic architecture with version 0.1.7.

A disadvantage of version 0.1.7 is: The old savegames don’t work anymore, for now. In the future we will try to integrate a more complex savegame correction system so that old savegames will continue to work and will be corrected when loaded. But until then I have released version 0.1.6 as beta for every player out there. Just right click on Summer Islands > Properties. Then select the version 0.1.6 in the dropdown menu under the tab Betas and have fun with the old savegames. πŸ˜€

On request we have also integrated a switch in the start menu to switch off the catastrophes. For everyone who doesn’t want to be restricted by nature. πŸ˜‰

Furthermore we could fix the bugs that occurred on bigger screens (bigger than 1080p). It is now possible to use the whole screen. There is only one limitation. The zoom function with mouse wheel does not work here unfortunately. But we already have that in mind and take care of it. Give us some more patience and we’ll be able to fix it. πŸ™‚

In the next weeks we try not to implement such big changes but to improve the gameplay and atmosphere. We were thinking about improvements to the SoundFX or maybe music or or or or. There is still a lot to do and the roadmap looks promising that we won’t get bored. πŸ˜€

If you like Summer Islands and you think the two/three weekly updates are great, give us a positive review. We read every review and write the improvements into the roadmap and we don’t want to be satisfied with a balanced one. So thumbs up! πŸ˜‰

Update mid August [v0.1.6]

Hello together,

In recent weeks we have focused on new consultants in the area of security and sabotage.

As you can see, there is now a separate tab for the advisors in the Finance menu. This was planned from the beginning. But for the Early Access release we have chosen the previous display to keep things simple.
But now in detail:

  • -The security consultant and the sabotage consultant, like the other consultants, also have a notice period of 180 days.
  • -Both have a basic salary and additional bonus payments.
  • Both consultants are promoted. Up to level 15.
  • -The sabotage advisor unlocks further sabotage options at Level 6 and Level 11.
  • -Furthermore, sabotage becomes cheaper for you with every level of him.
  • -On the other hand, every player can hire a security advisor. This makes it more expensive for every other player if someone wants to sabotage his buildings.
  • -In the future, the Security Advisor will have even more advantages for the reputation of the players. But that’s yet to come.

So much for the two new advisors. The BOTS are not yet able to strike back with sabotage. But they will hire one or the other security advisor.

On the BOT side, we have made a few changes in the reconstruction of after a natural disaster or sabotage. The BOTs should now be able to rebuild themselves over time. Of course this can go wrong one or the other time. Because such a recalculation of the situation is not easy for us sometimes :D.

In this direction we now see the potential to expand further consultants and existing consultants in the future. Because with the two additional consultants we have laid the system architecture to simplify this in the future.
When I write these lines, it doesn’t see much of what we have implemented. But appearances are deceptive.
Because as I have already mentioned X times Summer Islands is created in our spare time in addition to our day job.
We continue to work and have new ideas for Summer Islands every day. We are currently working on some soundtracks and SoundFX as well, as this has been requested several times and we had planned this from the beginning.

I hope you have fun with the new update. We are looking forward to every screenshot and mail from you. Recommend Summer Islands to others. Until the next update


Update log:
-SERVER/CLIENT: Security Consultant added
-SERVER/CLIENT: Sabotage Consultant added
-SERVER/CLIENT: Money Calculation Consultant changed
-CLIENT: Sabotage Consultant activates different sabotages
-SERVER: BOTs rebuild after destruction
-CLIENT: BUG FIX Earthfield after destruction
-SERVER/CLIENT: Javascript stability/efficiency

Update end of July [v0.1.5]

Hello together,

it’s been 3 weeks since the last update. Sometimes the “day job” is holding you up longer and lately in Germany also the weather. At 40Β° Celsius one would rather not switch on any heat-producing devices in the apartment.
But don’t worry. We are constantly working on Summer Islands and would like to present you version 0.1.5 today.

So what’s new for you in version 0.1.5:
First of all we were extremely happy about the pictures that some of you uploaded to Steam. We think it’s really great to see your holiday paradises and how you earn your money. But we were also a bit surprised how you could earn so much money in such a short time. We know that we have to implement some goals in Summer Islands, like a highscore list that you can share with friends or some missions.

The first step was to improve the finetuning building a bit. This only happened slightly. But I guess you will notice an effect during the game.
In detail, we have reduced the advertising boost and the neighboring buildings flow more into the buildings popular.
The bots also build more densely than before. This way you don’t get so often the chance to place your buildings in another player’s city.

To increase the player ergonomics we have added the possibility to select your desired position from the icon menu bar.
Moving the mouse to every edge of the screen is fun but time consuming. But everyone as he wants it to be.

Furthermore we fixed some smaller bugs. The construction crane animation didn’t run through properly or even the creation of airplanes, cars or ships is now calculated differently based on: Popularity of the building + number of already created objects + a bit of chance.
But what we only noticed now: The demolition and the sabotage explosions animation were no longer visible. Unfortunately two lines of code were missing. In some Let’s Plays that was a good laugh. Because you tore something down and suddenly the house was gone, just with one click

A propro Let’s plays. The requests for free CD-Keys have fortunately decreased. Also some negative reviews were preceded by unanswered requests.
Nevertheless, we can say as a conclusion:
Also Let’s Plays that were clicked more than 100.000 times didn’t give us any change in the purchase statistics. We as a 3-person developer team, which operates Summer Islands only as a sideline, it’s relative whether a marketing strategy is successful or not. But I personally prefer to play a game myself rather than have it pretend. Everyone sees it differently, of course. I just wanted to address the issue of influence and doubt the marketing strategy, at least in the gaming industry. Probably it depends also strongly on the Influencer and their Community. Nevermind.

We are looking forward to providing you with new Summer Islands updates and hope you have fun with Summer Islands.


Update log:
-SERVER: reduce advertising Boost
-SERVER: neighbor buildings Boost
-CLIENT: Build field/Sabotage/Destruction Animation Bug Fix
-CLIENT: Moveable Objects depending on: Popularity of the building + number of already created objects + a bit of chance
-CLIENT: flexible MenuIcons position
-SERVER/CLIENT: Javascript stability/efficiency

Update beginning of July [v0.1.4]

Hello together,

the first stress has gone and we get into the mode to release new features. Additionally there is also Steam Summer Sale and of course everyone is busy with sales of other games πŸ™‚
We’ve gathered all the feedback and packed with our ideas. Out came a Trello board where you can see a lot about the future planning of Summer Islands. It’s not yet so perfectly arranged and colored. So WIP:

But let’s get to the innovations for this week:
Today we proudly present the Linux Support. Some bugs and implementations had to be done. But we made it to the end. The MAC support mentioned above is still in progress. We are still testing and hope for positive results.
Since we are not the experts of Linux and MAC we hope for your help to fix bugs. In addition I would like to refer to the “BUG REPORTS” rider in the discussions:

Of course we also implemented some small things that disturbed you.
The button for infinite money will still not be available! πŸ˜€ Little joke.

As a small change we have arranged the New History antichronologically. So the latest news are always at the top of the window. This way you don’t always have to scroll and we should have integrated it right away.

Furthermore, we have looked at the compulsion to road connections and loosened this a bit. For some buildings there is now the possibility to place them a little away from the street without getting losses. There may be a maximum of 2 fields distance to the next street, no matter in which direction.
Currently the buildings can be: beach volleyball, tennis, beach chairs, ice shop and surf shop.
But we are still considering to mark this directly in the building menu with a small icon or something.

The campsite has also been upgraded. As soon as a campsite is connected to a street, you can build as many campsites as you like on it and the others on it. Thus a large camp site can be realized. However, at least one camp site must be connected to a street. Somewhere the visitors have to get to the campsite.

That was it for this week and we hope you are looking forward to the coming weeks/months, just like we are:

Update log:
-LINUX support
-CLIENT: News History antichronological
-SERVER: Streetnetwork: a few buildings can have two fields between building and street to connect (Beach volleyball, tennis, beach chairs, ice shop and surf shop)
-SERVER: Tents can connect other tents if one tent is connected with street.

The past weeks & start for Early Access

Hello together,

it’s really been a few hectic weeks since the last blog entry. We are really happy that we are mostly rated positive on Steam. But let’s start chronologically from the beginning. What’s happened since the last blog entry.

The two weeks before our release on 21.06 we had made ourselves a good plan. What things still have to be integrated. What definitely has to run stable. We have divided up our time well and have tackled things with priorities. It was really hard to let go sometimes.
Unfortunately we were a bit too optimistic with the submission to Steam. Over the last weekend Steam had checked the game for the first time. Unfortunately many critical results came back there. So we had to deactivate a lot of things for the first time in order to submit the game again as soon as possible. We did that on the Monday before the release. MUCH TOO SHORT!! As already said we had to switch off many things. Mainly the operating system support like Linux and MAC. But that should be only temporary. We all work in our team with Windows. Therefore we never had the possibility to test MAC or Linux. Only after the release we switched on the virtual machine and started Linux. But more about that later. So we switched off many features and hoped that Steam would check the game before the 21.06. That went almost wrong. Because in the morning on 21.06 we received the feedback that Summer Islands was ready for Early Access.
To be honest that was quite a relief. Because Q2 2019 was only June and there were a lot of Steam comments asking for a release day.
So we were lucky again.
But now came the much bigger task. We released Summer Islands with the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere on 21.06 at shortly after 12 o’clock. It was an incredible feeling. Even if it was just a click on a button somewhere in the Steamworks account.

With the release came the first problems. Due to our limited hardware test possibilities one could of course not test the almost infinite number of hardare combinations. This was already pre-programmed that some errors would come. We were always awake the weekend immediately after the release to fix the bugs. In summary, we did our best. There were a few bugs with the different hardware. But also errors with variable declarations in rare cases. In the end we managed to fix the biggest bugs and with the current version 0.1.3 Summer Islands is enjoyable. For all of you who WANT to enjoy Summer Islands!!

Nowadays you have to emphasize such sentences a bit more. Because some negative ratings simply cannot be understood. Give money back and still give a negative rating. We have often mentioned that Summer Islands will not be a substitute for childhood memories. Even if we have integrated a similar concept and much more Features into Summer Islands. Tip on the side: you don’t have to flatten an entire island to build buildings.
Therefore we are twice and three times grateful to you for the many positive reviews and emails with feedback. The people who understood the meaning of Early Access. The people who even take the time to send us suggestions for improvement. With all these people who follow us on twitter, support us on steam or wherever and motivated us, recommended us to others, to these people we want to say THANK YOU!
Without you the game would not have been possible.

So and what comes now?
We continue to work as before and even better. Because we work with even more feedback from you. We already have a rough roadmap which we want to show you in the next weeks. But all in all there will be things like that:
-complex nature (more alive)
-Call integration with impact
-Many more consultants
-Weather Forecast
-Other catastrophes
-BOT Increase difficulty

I hope you notice that there will be a lot more to come. It is still screwed at all places and we try to consider each feedback and if possible to integrate it.

So we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to implement the planned features and we promise you Summer Islands will develop its potential in the game feel yet.

Update beginning of June [v0.0.23]

Hello together,

This week there is already a new update after one week. This has the reason that many todos have already been worked through and on the other hand because of the approaching release. We are already extremely excited and hope that you will enjoy Summer Islands. As written in the last update, there will always be new free updates and enhancements in Early Access. We don’t make ingame purchases, no subscription model, no paid extensions, no lootboxes. We only have one price and you get all the fun and everything that comes for Summer Islands.

But just a little hint: please keep your expectations low. In Early Access Summer Islands is far from complete. Summer Islands will also not be able to fulfil your childhood wishes. Summer Islands is a new game with similar well-known concepts but still endless fun :D.

Back to this week’s updates:
Finding the way for airplanes and ships in large maps sometimes resulted in short freezes. Because it takes longer until a ship finds the harbour in the dark water near the many islands. The solution was an extra Javascript Worker. So an extra thread that does this A* wayfinding. This brings us back to the almost constant 60 fps.

The first complex implementation in Summer Islands was the aircraft. The living thing that made the sky move. Unfortunately, the airplanes are always a problem and make new problems. At that time they didn’t know how to do it better. So we had to correct the airplanes again this week. New airports had to change a lot here. Also for waiting airplanes in the waiting loops the wayfinding had to be improved. A time-consuming process!

A small improvement can be found at the NewsIcon. Whenever there are new messages, i.e. catastrophes or new buildings, the button starts flashing. Only if you click on it the flashing stops again. A small step for Summer Islands but a big step for usability.

Now you can also switch off the clouds in the graphics menu. In general, we try to offer all possibilities in the graphics menu that you can show and hide. Unfortunately we can’t offer an adjustment possibility for the graphic quality. But due to the constant efficiency adjustments with Javascript Summer Islands runs very stable and has only low hardware requirements.

With the textures there is also a little something new to present. First of all, we have further developed the consultant posters. Now they have got real personalities:

Some new textures were also added to the buildings:
we have extended our port selection with another 2×4 fields port.

There were also some changes in the hotels:

We hope you like the new Textures and you have a great week!

Update log:
-CLIENT: MausOver building plots BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: New buildings are activated with ID.
-CLIENT: A* method implemented in own worker.
-CLIENT: New airports: landfield position for aircraft corrected.
-SERVER: credit display asynchronous BUG FIX.
-SERVER/CLIENT: Tourist history may only show visitors from houses and hotels BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: Monthly histories only show every second number in the y-axis if there are too many numbers.
-CLIENT: flat button position BUG FIX.
-CLIENT: News icon flashes on new news.
-CLIENT: Aircraft queue corrected.
-CLIENT: Consultens with icons & portraits.
-CLIENT: Clouds in graphics menu show/hideable.
-SERVER/CLIENT: New building textures added.
-SERVERCLIENT: Javascript stability/efficiency extended.

Update May [v0.0.22]

Hello everyone,

This month we have also prepared an update for you to bring you up to date. We have to write that we haven’t progressed as far as we had planned during the last weeks. As we’ve already written a few times, we’re programming Summer Islands in addition to our regular job and therefore don’t always find the time. Nevertheless there is no need to worry that Summer Islands will not appear. We may work slowly but steadily πŸ˜‰ . Our todo list for Early Access is coming to an end but there are still bugs that want to be fixed. Also a few textures will be reworked to get a better overall picture and of course the finetuning will not be forgotten.
Our schedule for Early Access in Q2 will NOT be affected by this.
We are happy to announce the Early Access date for END June. We are aiming for the 21.06. We are extremely excited to see you play Summer Islands and to see your perfect, successful beach paradise.
But until then there are still a few things to do/add, bugs to fix and long-term tests to do.

From the past weeks we also learned that every second week a small update makes you happier than every 4 weeks a bigger update. We will try to release smaller updates in the future to bring you up to date. On Twitter you can often find small preview videos of Summer Islands, just drop by @SummerIslandsQA.

In the last weeks there was the question how much Summer Islands will cost. Now that we’re getting into early access we want to introduce you to our price model.
So in Early Access Summer Islands will cost 19,99€. The reason for this is that we have already invested a lot of time and will continue to do so. Against it would speak that Summer Islands is “only” an Indiegame. I don’t want to justify myself any further but appeal to your objective opinion.
As mentioned before, we will publish free updates/extensions in Early Access in the following months, e.g. other catastrophies, better Bots, more advisors, public needs etc.. In its current state Summer Islands is definitely not complete, just Basic and Early Access gives you the opportunity to add suggestions/improvements/wishes to the game. This can only make Summer Islands better for everyone. The free updates/extensions in Early Access are scheduled to take place every 4-8 weeks. Accordingly how extensive the update will be or how many bugs have to be fixed.

So far the realese date and the price model. Let’s get to the features that have been integrated like in the last weeks.

Through our created engine that we use with NodeJS we have noticed that the Downloadspeed with Steam unfortunately takes longer than expected (20min~300mb). In detail NodeJS always needs a node_modules folder with all libraries. This folder with a lot of small files is very impractical when saving to a hard disk. Therefore we had to think about a solution with another exe to start looking if the NodeJS lib already exists or has to be unpacked. This saves a lot of time of about 300mb we need on the hard disk for Summer Islands.

As already shown 14 days ago on Twitter we have integrated another consultant. This facilitates the overview over the whole building types which are in a road network. If you have set the building analyst, you will see an extra window at each port and airport. Depending on the type of building, this window shows the occupancy rate and the total occupancy rate. Thus one can recognize immediately with which building type it becomes scarce or whether one should build still more buildings of this type. We like the presentation very much and it has already proven to be very helpful. What do you think?

In addition to the already existing diagrams, we have added the equity and tourist course. The equity history shows you how valuable your buildings are overall. So how much money you have invested in buildings that still exist. A good indicator to compare yourself with other players. The tourist history shows you the total number of tourists in all your houses and hotels. Also a good indicator to see how well you are doing and how well you have placed your buildings.

In the next updates we will present some new textures, improve the computer opponents and fix many bugs to make Summer Islands Early Access ready πŸ™‚
After 3 years of development we are very happy to be able to bring you Summer Islands!

Update log:
-EXTERN: Added Pre-Exe to improve steam download
-SERVER/CLIENT: Added tourist chart
-SERVER/CLIENT: Added equity capital chart
-SERVER: BOT improvemend (loan,repayment).
-CLIENT: airport Bug Fix with new textures
-CLIENT: turn menΓΌ texture changed
-CLIENT: buildingmenu for too big texture improved
-CLIENT: information label reimplemented/changeable for future
-SERVER/CLIENT: you cannot fire a consultant within his first 150 days
-SERVER/CLIENT: Javascript stability/efficiency extended.