Summer Islands – In this diversified economic simulation you have the possibility to build an indescribable holiday paradise.

Build cottages, villas or expensive hotels, right on the beach or in the mountains. When a building has been completed, the tourists can come by boat or plane.

Then the difficulty begins: build bars, discos, golf courses, supermarkets and many other buildings, which are popular by the tourists and let you as the owner become rich. But do not forget their surroundings. The many catastrophes that can occur and your enemies who also want to depend on the cake. You should always keep an eye on your vacation paradise.

Release / Platforms

Summer Islands is due for release in 2018, coming to PC.


From our childhood till now we played different games. Many co-op games. But we really got inspired from one pretty old game, Holiday Island. Since we learned how to programm we used our potential to start to create a new incredible game.

We started in the middle of 2016. The first months i was on my own and tested the different engines. In the end we used createjs because of his freedom an his potential. After a while we also started with the Server and for that we used Nodejs. We also tried other engines like Unity. But with really big maps we didn’t got this performance so fast.

Since i had the engine we came together started with the textures and the AI. Next to this we implemented new features all the time.

The Reason why we started Summer Islands is because Holiday Island was an incredible game and we wanted to create a new Game inspired by Holiday Island but complete new engine, features, textures, atmosphere and so on. There is no such game like Summer Islands.

We are a small three-person team who prepared, designed and programmed the game SummerIslands while we’re studying/work.

Therefore, sometimes it is not easy to guarantee a continuous progress of the game for reasons of time.








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